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“Sagefrog has become an extension of our marketing team. Their business acumen and expertise have enhanced our marketing and ROI. We highly recommend Sagefrog.”

- Head of Marketing, Andesa

“The Sagefrog team is organized, knowledgeable, and timely in their services. The improvements to our content, social, advertising, and overall brand are remarkable.”

– Director of Operations, OpenArc

“Thanks to Sagefrog’s targeted promotion strategies, a recent Alzheimer’s disease campaign generated 3,000 direct leads. The team’s transparent communication and hands-on approach foster a sense of trust.”

– Senior Vice President, Strategic Development & Corporate Marketing, Signant Health

“The team is very professional. They have the ability to work quickly without sacrificing the quality and punctuality of their work.”

– Head of Clinical Solutions, Ledger Run

“I highly recommend Sagefrog. It has been great to work with this pleasant, effective team! They are very responsive and provide efficient account management, strong data analytics, and a creative team.”

– Senior Vice President, Commercial Strategy, IMA Clinical Research


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2024-05-22 09:22:03 BY Jack Clark

Burnout isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a real challenge marketers face as they strive to keep up with constant demands and evolving markets. As summer approaches, the lure of sunny days might make the office or home office feel even more constrained, exacerbating feelings of fatigue and stress. This blog explores practical strategies to combat B2B … Continued

2024-05-14 16:52:57 BY Jack Clark

LinkedIn, known for its professional networking capabilities, offers powerful tools tailored for B2B marketers focused on lead generation. By combining the precision targeting capabilities of LinkedIn ads with the strategic focus of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), companies can significantly enhance their marketing effectiveness. Learn how to leverage these tools to optimize your LinkedIn B2B lead generation … Continued

2024-04-23 04:22:19 BY Alyssa Dannaker

HubSpot is one of the most trusted resources for all things inbound—and for good reason. The brand offers intuitive, user-friendly software and advocates a forward-thinking approach to sales, marketing, and service alignment. HubSpot consistently brings innovative ideas to the table that help businesses keep up with trends and stay competitive as audience needs evolve. And … Continued

2024-04-16 18:13:01 BY Ed Carr

To the uninitiated, B2B marketing may appear to be a smattering of strategies and tactics coming together in an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-style soup. However, experts know that effective marketing is laser-focused and more like an artisanal baked good than a haphazard soup, requiring precision and a tried-and-true recipe that ensures quality and repeatability. The B2B buyer’s journey … Continued

2024-04-02 18:40:36 BY Jack Clark

While marketing has always been a dynamic and evolving practice, the role of technology in B2B marketing strategies has become paramount in the perpetually developing and digitally driven industries of 2024. At the heart of this technological evolution lies the MarTech stack—a combination of marketing and technology tools designed to streamline and optimize marketing efforts. … Continued