Nixon Medical

Medical Apparel and Linen Service


Nixon Medical developed from a small business into a leading provider of medical apparel and linens pursuing outpatient healthcare centers nationwide. However, their outdated brand and website didn’t communicate their main differentiator to the market. They came to Sagefrog looking for a partner to build their brand and become a nationally recognized leader that would reflect their service difference, which provides a better patient experience and relieves stress on practices. Additionally, new challenges brought on by COVID-19 caused Nixon Medical to temporarily pivot and target inpatient healthcare organizations that desperately needed supplies, requiring a quick new messaging platform and tactics.


Sagefrog created a brand strategy that re-introduced Nixon Medical as service specialists with a new logo, anchorline, tagline, and messaging that appealed to prospects like outpatient office managers and supply chain executives. Sagefrog then executed an integrated marketing campaign with marketing automation support across digital, social media, emails, videos, public relations, and content marketing, plus a website with pages devoted to Nixon Medical’s comprehensive service difference. Sagefrog addressed Nixon Medical’s COVID-19 pivot with new tactics, including two campaign videos for lead generation.


Over their multi-year relationship with Sagefrog, Nixon Medical has expanded nationally to become a leading provider of linen and apparel services for outpatient clinics, adding 40% more associates to their staff and increasing revenue by 30%. The number of new high-quality prospects visiting the website also exceeded the company’s goals with a 64% increase in marketing qualified leads (MQLs) overall and a double-digit increase in converted leads while reducing the total cost-per-lead (CPL) by 54% compared to previous years. Potential new customers now recognize the company at a glance as a superior service specialist. The COVID-19 video campaigns generated 31,829 impressions and 1,120 clicks, achieving Nixon Medical’s goal of awareness around their service pivot during the pandemic.



“Nixon came to Sagefrog knowing that we needed to communicate our service difference more prominently. At the start of our engagement, Sagefrog made a few bold naming and positioning recommendations that would bring our service difference to the forefront, and those changes, along with the new branding, website and integrated marketing program, have been highly successful. We’re communicating the right message now, and have increased our converted leads and return by double-digits. Our partnership with Sagefrog is a highly strategic one, and we’re confident that the team understands our market and is committed to our success.”