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Branding marks the beginning of something extraordinary. Unify your company and position your products and services competitively with our brand strategy, brand identity and brand launch services. With the right positioning in place, our designers bring your brand to life with compelling creative.

Why is Branding Important in B2B?

Successful branding defines and unifies the way a company stands out visually and verbally in the marketplace, and in B2B, branding is what can make or break a business. Competing with an outdated image or a voice that no longer speaks to modern audiences won’t get you or your team anywhere and may even start to affect other areas of your marketing effort, both online and off. If you’re looking for qualified leads that are warmed up and ready to move on to sales, you’ll need to start investing in branding to help your company stand out. Whether big or small, a B2B company can’t take off without great branding as its rocket fuel.

Our B2B Branding Services

Brand Strategy

At Sagefrog, we use a Brand Strategy to solidify the basics of a company’s branding. This is a formal, tangible document that lays out the foundational elements needed to clearly define a new visual and verbal experience, including visioning, positioning, messaging and visual identity, which are developed by considering a business’s desired perception in their marketplace. Essentially, the strategy is an enterprise-wide internal and external roadmap that offers a cohesive direction for why a company exists, where it’s going and how it will get there through unique differentiation. This tool is what guides rebranding for the clients Sagefrog serves across all B2B industries.

Brand Messaging

The words you use and the stories you tell through them are what capture an audience’s attention and persuade them to take action. A brand messaging platform is a major component of a Brand Strategy with Sagefrog and it serves as the jumping-off point for how a company communicates through written and verbal language. This platform defines corporate visioning, personality and tone of voice, positioning, buyer personas and core differentiators through tiered key messages that, when done right, give shape to a unique, user-centric customer experience.

Brand Identity

A brand identity, or visual identity system, is what perfectly frames great messaging to create your company’s trademark appearance. Through logos, color palettes, typography sets, imagery styles, iconography, graphic elements and conceptual overview diagrams, businesses can create or polish their look and feel to accurately reflect the brand and speak better to audiences and team members. A visual brand refresh can help a company command more attention in the B2B marketplace and make a great first impression that lasts beyond the brochure.

Brand Launch

A brand launch is a carefully crafted event that reaches all stakeholders, from decision-makers and influencers to industry talent and media, and drives home a company’s key value propositions to make a lasting impact. With expert planning and placement, a business’s brand activation, internal and external launch and supportive brand guidelines can solve big marketing issues in the B2B space, like resonating with audiences, staying relevant and generating qualified leads. Bring it all together with a launch that lives up to your expectations.

Graphic Design

Design shouldn’t be an afterthought, especially in B2B, where highly technical information and everyday products and services blend into the background if they can’t catch the eye of modern business leaders and their teams. When done well, graphic design can turn everything from the simplest idea to the most complex concept into captivating work that remains digestible to audiences and engaging to new leads. Refresh your homepage, redesign your sell sheets and enliven your content with cohesive designs intended for multi-channel marketing.

B2B Branding Case Studies

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Great B2B Branding Examples

The B2B model relies heavily on trust for the successful promotion of a brand and the retention of professional relationships for ongoing business. It’s vital for a B2B company to stand out as a trustworthy player in the market and a recognizable force in its industry. Here are some of our favorite examples of businesses doing all of this and more.