B2B Brand Positioning &
Messaging Strategy

Unite Your Company with B2B Brand Messaging Services

Brand messaging is what unites your company’s image and personality on all fronts and builds a stable foundation for long-term success. Through carefully crafted language, a brand messaging strategy shows that your company has it all together. Every target audience, client, and employee will see your brand as a strong and cohesive unit. When done well, B2B brand messaging speaks directly to your unique buyer personas, communicating who you are, what you stand for, and what you can do, at every interaction.

Sagefrog develops powerful brand visioning, positioning, and messaging systems that transform and align B2B organizations and their teams. Expertly crafted mission, vision, and value statements provide an inspirational framework that permeates your entire company to bring everyone on the same page and invigorate your business approach. Buyer personas developed through market research and well-made corporate narratives supplement a messaging platform that will carry your brand into the future while meeting the needs of the present. Partner with Sagefrog to reap the full benefits of a professional, B2B brand positioning and messaging strategy.

Corporate Visioning

Corporate visioning summarizes your company’s mission and vision, sharing the reason why your company exists and strategically outlining the future of your brand. Corporate visioning can also distill your primary offering into a clear and concise anchorline and brand promise to effectively communicate who you are to your audience. Sagefrog will work with you to develop corporate visioning and a B2B brand strategy that will resonate with clients and prospects and unite your team around a common goal.

Company & Product Naming

Company and product naming is a highly strategic process part of a comprehensive B2B brand messaging strategy. Depending on your industry, you may want a name that stands out from the pack, or a name that fits in with what’s already been established in the market. Sagefrog has decades of experience creating company and product names for startup to Fortune companies. We use our proven naming process to generate options, test the short-list and determine availability. Once a name is selected, we can help you obtain trademarks and domains to claim what’s now uniquely yours.

Brand Personality & Tone of Voice

A brand’s personality and resulting tone of voice can be described as a set of key traits that define and reinforce B2B brand messaging and interactions with audiences, partners, and others in the marketplace. These characteristics serve as a constant reminder of the way your marketing tactics and personnel should communicate about your company. Sagefrog will help invigorate your brand’s personality by determining the core qualities that make your brand unique and develop a brand launch plan to roll them out.

Positioning Statements

A positioning statement sets your company apart from the competition, describing your brand, main purpose, differentiators, and end user benefits. Because it boils down who you are and what you do, a positioning statement also functions as the ideal elevator pitch. A positioning statement created by a brand positioning agency like Sagefrog contains all of the elements needed to properly situate your brand in the marketplace, conveying an individuality that stands out among the crowd.

Messaging Platforms

A messaging platform conveys your company’s differentiators in a way that explicitly states why prospects should choose to work with you. Also known as value propositions or uniques, the ideas showcased in a messaging platform can be presented in multiple levels or tiers, from simple key headlines to detailed messages. Sagefrog will develop a B2B brand messaging platform that not only speaks to but resonates with your audience, proving the exceptional value that you and your team bring to the table.

Buyer Personas

A company’s audience, with all of its evolving needs and values, is what ultimately determines the success of a business. Through demographic and psychographic information, buyer personas can bring context to your audience to guide and refine the marketing strategies your brand implements. Sagefrog can help put a name and face to your targets with buyer personas that connect the dots from brand to buyer and ensure your business is able to meet key stakeholders at the touchpoints that matter.

Corporate Narratives & Storytelling

Make the most of your buyer personas by crafting a corporate narrative that speaks to the pain points of your target audiences. Let Sagefrog develop a narrative that explains the rich history of your business and the big messages behind your brand messaging strategy in an emotive and compelling way that relates to the challenges, needs, and desires of modern buyers. Weave storytelling techniques throughout your content marketing efforts as well to bolster your brand and better connect to leads.

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