B2B Technology Marketing Agency

Our certified experts provide our clients with a full-service experience. From high-impact creative work and proactive client service to results that exceed expectations, your business will benefit from integrated marketing resources, under one roof.

Sagefrog is a full-service technology marketing agency that blends traditional marketing strategies with modern tools and tactics to help technology companies deliver their advanced products, platforms and services to customers around the world.

Technology Marketing Services


Great branding gives technology companies a voice that’s just as innovative as their products and services. Brand strategy, identity, launch and graphic design services through Sagefrog help to establish a cohesive foundation for software and information technology companies to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. Find your voice with Sagefrog to position your brand in a way that resonates.


Most technology businesses already recognize the exponential value of digital marketing, but some seek professional help in seizing every opportunity digital affords. Make your brand’s presence known with website development and search engine optimization (SEO). Showcase your innovations with pay-per-click, display, programmatic and LinkedIn advertising. Then leverage email marketing and software demo and video marketing services to give leads a better picture of who you are and how you can help.

PR & Social

Today’s leading technology companies are built, launched and nurtured strategically through expert public relations, social media and content marketing management. Leverage the power of Sagefrog’s experienced account managers, brand strategists and copywriters to manage your brand’s reputation, kick off conversations and drive tech sales. Our PR and product launch services, supported by inbound and content marketing efforts, can help you become and remain a thought leader in your industry.


Technology companies are among the first to abandon traditional marketing tactics in exchange for exciting digital channels and strategies, but at Sagefrog, we’ve seen traditional approaches of all types help clients connect with consumers and outshine competitors in ways that digital cannot. Reel in target audiences through advertising, media and direct marketing services. Then get personal through event marketing and make your brand look great with supporting collateral to lock in every lead.


Many technology companies offer a total solution for their customers, and Sagefrog is no different. We’re known for our strong belief that integrated marketing—a complete, integrated approach to marketing and branding—is the best way to see the most success and ROI as a B2B company. Because we understand the value that a fully integrated solution can provide, we offer foundational technology and IT services marketing plans, analytics and automation and inbound marketing tactics synchronized across all channels to achieve the best short- and long-term results.

Our Technology Clients

Sagefrog has extensive experience boosting B2B brands, building integrated marketing programs and managing reputations for a wide range of technology companies. As a marketing agency that specializes in tech and IT, our key industries include software and CRM systems, information technology, cloud technology, hardware and devices and health IT, including EHR and EMR platforms, biotech and RFID.