Razor Technology Case Study

IT Managed Services Provider

“When Razor Technology first sought Sagefrog’s help, we were just looking for a single campaign that would reach our target audience. After the campaign proved to be successful, we expanded our relationship with Sagefrog to utilize their integrated marketing approach. In the past year alone, we’ve seen a huge increase in digital traffic and qualified leads and are finally communicating our company’s value in the right way and on the right channels.”

Paid time on site increased by 0

Razor laptop website

A website centered on the consumer’s experience was designed, featuring intuitive page structures, content and SEO best practices.

Quarterly newsletter focused on the Company’s thriving
work culture and the personal stories of its employees.

A video series, Tech Over Coffee, featuring Razor Tech’s top minds engaged in informal discussions about the industry.

1,600 views and 41,595 impressions in six weeks