Core Solutions Case Study

Electronic Health Records Software


Core Solutions is a progressive leader in transforming the behavioral, medical, and social services experience with its integrated, next-generation EHR solution for mental health organizations, Cx360. The Company’s market opportunities were amplified by a federal healthcare mandate requiring all healthcare organizations to use Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and move away from paper records. Unfortunately, this led to a flood of content about EMRs and EHRs, making it difficult to produce unique content and have it reach and influence the Company’s buyer personas. So Core Solutions engaged Sagefrog to position itself as an industry thought leader and communicate its value to leads to move them along the buyer’s journey.


After being presented with this challenge, Sagefrog’s next steps were clear. Beginning with a fresh brand strategy, we updated Core Solutions’ website and marketing materials and created comprehensive content, digital, and event marketing campaigns. To generate awareness and capture and nurture qualified leads, these campaigns featured tactics like LinkedIn and Google advertising, SEO and email marketing, social media marketing, public relations and thought leadership, and automated HubSpot workflows.

To effectively reach decision-makers, Sagefrog developed various buyer personas, including those for clinical, management, and information technology, as well as corresponding buyer’s journeys to support marketing efforts at the awareness, consideration, and decision stages. The persona-based content featured blogs, infographics, webinars, case studies, and whitepapers.

IT professionals focused on product integration and system architecture

Clinicians and other healthcare professionals focused on patient needs

Management executives focused on trends and cost savings


In one year, Core Solutions exceeded its sales and marketing goals and doubled its customer base. The content Sagefrog created served as a hub for the client’s entire marketing program, which spanned digital, content, social, traditional, and event marketing. Leads were strategically nurtured through the targeted HubSpot campaigns, and the success did not stop after the Company’s first year with its marketing partner. Engaging with Sagefrog for more than six years, Core Solutions continued to see impressive marketing performance.


164% website visit increase

18% landing page conversion rate


945% email open rate

434% email click-through


729% contacts increase

603% leads increase

“I consider them an extension of my team, and I feel like
I’m an extension of their team as well. We have a really
great relationship, and we work really well together.”
Qualified leads
increased 729%
with the help of
content marketing
through HubSpot.
Website traffic
increased 164%
and the Company’s
geographic footprint
expanded through
new partnerships.
Email open rates
945% with the
help of targeted
email campaigns.