B2B Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is about the value behind the numbers. Clicks, data, code, page rank—there’s more than what meets the eye to obtaining value from a great digital marketing program. Sagefrog can help you build yours through website development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and display, email marketing, video marketing, LinkedIn advertising, and programmatic advertising services.

Why is Digital Marketing Important in B2B?

Digital is the secret sauce behind many successful brands. Impressive websites, captivating ad campaigns, trusted thought leaders, trending content pieces, informative newsletters, and front-page Google results—many things that impress us about our favorite businesses owe their traction and performance to digital marketing. When we think digital, we tend to think numbers, but it’s more than that. This form of marketing requires planning, patience, and skill for great results, but long-term tactics like SEO become your ultimate source of qualified traffic and leads over time. Digital marketers can help you establish, optimize, and continually grow your presence in the market, your relationship with your customers, and your reputation on the web. Whatever your marketing goal—generate, nurture, and retarget leads, build brand awareness, become a thought leader—digital can make it happen.

Our B2B Digital Marketing Services

Website Development

A responsive, high-functioning website sets the foundation for great digital marketing results. Why? Because even after connecting with a member of your team, today’s buyers will turn to the internet to learn more about your company and solutions, often before they decide to make a purchase. You need to be ready to meet them there, providing a fluid and easy online user experience that gives them everything they need to choose you. Sagefrog helps you create the website of your dreams, whether simple or complex, with custom web development services and app services that offer responsive and mobile designs, eCommerce functionality, and optimized UX and UI. Our skilled programmers can develop websites using the platform and CMS you prefer, secure premium hosting through WP Engine, manage traffic with Google Analytics, and work with our copywriters to ensure all content is set up for conversion success.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term digital marketing tactic that takes time but will bring you much more qualified leads—users who are truly interested in learning more about your brand and what you have to offer. While only 3–4% of all online searches go to ads, nearly half go to organic results, which is the sweet spot your business can claim with our B2B search engine optimization services. Placing your brand front and center on relevant search engine results pages requires time and dedicated effort, but Sagefrog is here to help. We make the technical tweaks to ensure your website follows best practices and is prepared to compete with top performers. Then we bring in the strategic tactics that start to move you up the ranks, such as local SEO, keyword research, link building, and copy improvement, all with continued optimization and reporting.


Search engine marketing (SEM) and display network advertising are reliable methods of generating leads and improving brand awareness and website visibility. With the magic of keywords, your B2B brand can connect with users through ad campaigns that optimize your budget to obtain more impressions, clicks, and conversions from best-fit audiences. Sagefrog, a certified Google Partner, pulls together skilled team members from content, creative, branding, and digital to create ad campaigns that make a splash on the search and display networks of Google and Bing. Within our B2B search engine marketing services, we customize designs, recommend the right search terms and metrics to target, and continuously monitor ad performance to make sure your ads appear in areas around the internet that work best for your digital marketing goals.

Email Marketing

Most marketers consider email a must for any B2B business, big or small, because it’s a reliable and timeless way to directly connect with leads, customers, partners, and team members. Whether you’re communicating with prospects, updating current clients, or sharing company news with your colleagues, Sagefrog has experience creating effective B2B email marketing initiatives that get your point across and do so in style. Our team of experienced graphic designers, copywriters, and email developers put their heads together to produce email templates, copy, and workflows that entice opens, reads, and clicks. Plus, we offer email list development, verification, A/B testing, automation, and more to get your emails off the ground and into inboxes.

LinkedIn Advertising

If there’s one social media channel your B2B business should dedicate time to, it’s LinkedIn. As the world’s largest professional network, it’s the ideal social media platform to find great leads—and not just through your company profile. Implementing a LinkedIn advertising strategy offers several options for reaching qualified prospects easily to fill the top of your sales funnel and for using educational content to position your brand and team members as thought leaders. Sagefrog can help you build an effective social media advertising campaign to share content pieces, special offers, updates, events, and more with Sponsored Content, InMail, Matched Audiences, and LinkedIn’s text ad and lead generation form solutions. This platform is also the perfect territory for pursuing account-based marketing goals, offering features that allow for greater personalization and small-net targeting.

B2B Digital Marketing Case Studies

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