B2B Search Engine Marketing

B2B Search Engine Marketing: The Best Way to Generate B2B Leads.

B2B search engine marketing (SEM) utilizes advertising tactics, such as search and display network ads, to promote a website and increase its visibility. With the search and display network, when your target audience is actively searching for specific keywords, your B2B search engine marketing ad host can increase your campaign’s budget to seek out clicks, conversions and more qualified leads. This process maximizes your ad spend at key times to put your ads in front of a bigger audience. By balancing high spend days with low spend days, your budget will average out by month’s end while increasing your return on B2B search marketing investment.

With Sagefrog’s strategic B2B SEM oversight, your ads will be placed directly in front of target audiences and result in maximum efficacy and performance through the expert management, monitoring and optimization of campaigns. Our B2B search marketing specialists display your ads on different sites and search engines where your leads frequent. We custom design campaigns to ensure ads show up in the locations that work best for you, taking advantage of major SEM platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads and various social media channels.

Search Network Advertising

Sagefrog uses the search network to place text ads in search engine results that are most relevant to your business. Pay-per-click (PPC), an advertising method that allows you to pay only each time a site user clicks on an ad, ensures you’re only paying for interested leads. Our certified team of digital experts helps companies bid on important keywords in search engines so B2B PPC advertisements are placed at the top of potential customers’ search results. You can also target audiences based on metrics like location, age and interest. Sagefrog is skilled at recommending the right metrics and search terms to focus on in order to attract the ideal audience, and we craft supporting elements like landing pages to improve the performance of your B2B search network campaigns.

Display Network Advertising

Sagefrog uses the display network to showcase ads on a network of sites across the internet. A successful B2B display advertising campaign targets the right audience, and Sagefrog uses similar-audience and in-market targeting to get your message to people most likely to be interested in your products and services. Ad placement improves over time as automated targeting learns what types of audiences work best for your company. Sagefrog also refines campaigns to give clients the best shot at converting leads with retargeting ads—advertisements that are targeted at users who have visited your site but didn’t convert on their last visit. In the world of digital, B2B display advertising success is measured by factors such as the ads that have the highest CTR and the sites that provide the most value for the lowest cost, and with Sagefrog, you never have to wonder about your display network performance.