B2B Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a B2B marketing method that casts a small net around a specific audience. Marketing and sales teams work in close collaboration to directly target key business stakeholders who influence purchasing decisions and secure those select accounts.

Why is ABM so Valuable for B2B Companies?

ABM allows you to communicate directly with executives and business leaders who have authority in large purchasing or contractual decisions, resulting in faster turnaround of more qualified sales leads. ABM strategies are driven by highly personalized and targeted campaigns that grab the attention of those decision-makers and quickly build trust. The entire sales process is directly supported by carefully crafted marketing messaging that distinctly resonates with those ideal accounts and can considerably accelerate the time it takes to turn leads into sales.

Throughout the process, both sales and marketing teams develop a deeper understanding of all involved industries and businesses, allowing for even better refinement as efforts continue. The significant work that goes into creating timely, relevant, and engaging material is apparent to the recipients who recognize the effort and are often relieved to receive this type of highly customized and thoughtful sales journey. To put it simply, you’re more likely to grab the attention of the prospects you’d most like to have a conversation with, and they’re more likely to result in a sale.

ABM is a Win-Win Strategy

  • Engage only qualified businesses that fit an ideal customer profile
  • Deliver personalized, customer-centric messages that address the needs of decision makers
  • Create valuable long-term customer relationships and grow ROI
  • Unite sales and marketing teams and avoid internal competition

Sagefrog’s ABM Approach

We go the extra mile to secure your most valuable leads, gaining their attention through carefully crafted messaging. Our sales and marketing experts research and target high-value accounts and use concentrated direct marketing techniques to initiate engagement, start conversations, and drive better leads. Whether you already have a list of prospects in mind or need help identifying the accounts with the most potential to transform your business, we develop smart, professional, creative, and completely customized ABM campaigns that don’t get ignored.

Sagefrog’s Step-by-Step ABM Process

Our sales and marketing teams collaborate around finding and effectively communicating with your high-value prospects. Together, they work towards common goals, messaging, content, execution, and follow up through detailed analysis and evaluation.

  1. Identify Your Most Valuable Accounts

    We strategically seek out your most suitable B2B accounts – the businesses and organizations you love working with or would love to work with, who get the most out of your products, services, or capabilities in the long term.

  1. Create Segments & Buyer Personas

    Next, we help you create targeted segments and buyer personas that will guide the rest of the process. We use our expertise and sophisticated tools to create targeted yet broad segments that ensure your campaign reaches your identified accounts, plus similar companies and decision-makers. With these groups created, we uncover their challenges to create content.

  1. Develop Targeted Campaigns

    ABM campaigns include high-quality, personalized content designed to resonate with the human beings on the other end of the conversation. By creating shareable content pieces and smart value propositions that directly address the core needs of your target accounts, you instill confidence in your company as a thought leader and trusted advisor in your industry.

  1. Choose the Right Channels

    To get in touch with your key accounts, you have to have a presence in the digital channels they use the most to research industry news, trends, and advancements. Whether it makes sense to focus on email, LinkedIn, webinars, direct mail, or any combination of potential avenues, we figure out exactly where your target customers seek solutions and deliver the best experience possible.

  1. Execute Your Campaigns

    Our marketers work directly with your sales team to effectively engage individual accounts using all the research, knowledge, data, and experience at our disposal. Together, we can proactively facilitate more positive, longer-lasting relationships that blossom into the types of sales you dream about.

  1. Track, Measure, and Refine

    Throughout your ABM campaigns, we monitor account engagement, new opportunities, the deals you engage in, and their value.

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