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B2B Demand Generation Services

Demand Generation Marketing Agency

Attracting quality leads through demand generation marketing is crucial for B2B success. Our systematic approach involves blending marketing and sales tactics to engage and guide potential customers through the buyer’s journey, from awareness to conversion. We educate the market, raise awareness, and position your offerings as the optimal solution.

Our B2B Demand Generation Services

  • Strategic Positioning & Campaign Planning

    We meticulously analyze your ideal customer profile, understanding their unique needs and challenges to position your products or services as the ultimate solution. Continuously monitoring competitors allows us to identify distinctive selling points to generate demand.

  • Precise Digital & Account-Based Marketing

    We build targeted contact and account lists and execute demand-generation campaigns, utilizing SEM and LinkedIn ads focused on account-based marketing. Aligned content and lead capture forms optimize outreach efforts, ensuring maximum impact.

  • Brand Messaging & Buyer Personas

    Crafting detailed buyer personas that mirror stakeholder needs and challenges, we position your offerings as solutions to real-world problems. Through evergreen content, targeted messaging, and multi-platform advertising, we ensure your brand resonates.

  • Effective Email & Content Marketing

    Personalized emails featuring valuable content such as blogs, case studies, and exclusive offers nurture leads effectively. We provide sales support through practical collateral and continuously refine strategies for lead conversion.

Our 5-Step Proven Process

At Sagefrog, our comprehensive demand-generation marketing approach draws from years of industry expertise, crafting a process designed to drive marketing-qualified leads.

Step 1 – Crafting Buyer Personas

We develop detailed buyer personas outlining stakeholder pain points and needs, enabling us to shape targeted demand generation messaging for maximum resonance.

Step 2 – Establishing Awareness

We position your solutions as definitive responses to industry challenges, leveraging evergreen content and persona-specific messaging to drive awareness.

Step 3 – Curating Contacts & Accounts

Drawing insights from our awareness initiatives, we curate highly targeted contact and account lists leveraging premium tools like LeadLander and ZoomInfo, ensuring effective outreach.

Step 4 – Generating Leads

Our tailored demand-gen campaigns captivate potential leads by strategically employing SEM and LinkedIn Sponsored Content, enhanced by Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tactics.

Step 5 – Nurturing Prospects

We engage prospects through personalized email campaigns, offer valuable insights right to their inbox and guiding them seamlessly through the buyer’s journey.

Step 6 – Empowering Sales

By providing practical tools and fostering close collaboration with sales teams, we ensure nurtured leads transition smoothly into satisfied customers.

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