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APEX Mechanical & Fabrication

Mechanical Services & Shop Fabrication


APEX Mechanical & Fabrication (APEX) is a preferred supplier of mechanical services and shop fabrication based in the greater Philadelphia area. The company reached out to Sagefrog to develop and activate a new, modern brand that would differentiate it from competitors in order to win more deals and accelerate long-term growth. APEX also had a goal to attract and retain highly qualified job applicants to continue to expand its talented team.


Sagefrog developed a Brand Strategy consisting of new company naming, visioning, messaging, visual identity, buyer personas, and supporting buyer’s journey. Employer branding and messaging were also developed to help attract prospective employees. Other foundational work included a new website, marketing and sales tools, and advertising tactics that aided lead generation efforts.


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Pages per Session


Increase in Average Session Duration


Increase in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)


By executing a robust brand launch, Sagefrog set APEX up for success in both lead generation and team growth. The plan included a variety of supplemental efforts that contributed to its outstanding results, from SEM, social media, and content marketing to advertising via tradeshows, print ads, TV and radio spots, and public relations work. Over a six-month period, APEX saw a nearly 600% increase in its website’s CTA conversion rate and an impressive number of impressions and click-throughs from paid advertising tactics.