B2B Email Marketing Services

Convert Prospects into Customers with B2B Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is a must.

Email is the number one communication channel, with 91 percent of consumers checking their email daily. To convert prospects into purchasers and first-time buyers into loyal customers, you need to master the art and science of B2B email marketing—and Sagefrog has the expertise you need. Whether it’s developing copy, perfecting design or creating code, our B2B email marketing professionals, tools, and strategies will optimize your approach. To promote your brand, share news, or entice leads with a promotion, email is among the most effective ways to connect with your leads.

At Sagefrog, we provide fully managed email marketing services, including strategy, copywriting, creative, automation, testing through tools like Litmus, integration, deployment, and reporting. Automated lead nurturing campaigns, newsletters, and single email blasts can be integrated with your website and in-house CRM system, ensuring every lead is captured and every prospect is noticed. Through premium partnerships with email automation platforms and software, such as ExactTarget, Constant Contact, and MailChimp, we’re invested in the success of your emails and above all, your ROMI.

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Copy, Design & Coding

With B2B email marketing, it’s important to nail every second of your audience’s reading experience, from enticing them to open the email to encouraging them to make a purchase. Our in-house email marketing teams can custom design the ideal email for your leads, from concept and copy development to design and layout. First, we’ll draw leads in with a subject line that compels them to know more, then keep them reading to an irresistible call-to-action. What’s more? Our clean and professional programming guarantees your emails load fast and appear perfectly on all platforms and devices.

List Development

No list? No problem. Email marketing is only as effective as the contact list you’re using, so if your list is small or null, Sagefrog will use our arsenal of marketing capabilities to launch tactics that earn us the email addresses and trust of qualified leads. From B2B content development to gating content that requires an email in exchange for downloaded material to launching Google ads that compel people to provide their information, we will help you curate a qualified list of email addresses that we will nurture through the buyer’s journey.

Email Verification

Your email list needs to be clean and current to get to the right audience. Email verification is the process of identifying potential spam emails and determining whether an address on your list is real, fake, or inactive. This is a necessary practice that improves the deliverability of your emails, and Sagefrog will put it to the test on your behalf. Plus, as an automated process monitored by us, you won’t have to lift a finger.

A/B Testing

With A/B testing, Sagefrog makes certain you’re sending out the most effective email possible. A/B testing is the process of comparing two versions of something to determine which works best. For your B2B email marketing campaign, we’ll vary two or more features of an email—whether it be subject lines, header images or call-to-action buttons—and use statistical analysis to determine which version performs best. With performance data in hand, we’ll optimize the winning version to get you the best results.

Reporting, Analytics & Optimization

At Sagefrog, we’re always striving to achieve greater results, and that’s why we monitor and close the loop on your email campaign performance with in-depth analytics and reporting. Our strategic account managers and skilled email marketing professionals will provide regular email marketing reports, insights and recommendations, ensuring your B2B email marketing strategy stays on track and improves wherever possible.

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