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b2b website development services

b2b website design agency

A modern, up-to-date website is essential to the success of any business, allowing existing customers and new leads to browse your products or services and learn more about your company anytime, anywhere. It anchors your digital presence and is the foundation to brand awareness and authority. We offer custom B2B website development services, including templates, content, imagery, responsive UX design, CMS integration, and training.

types of b2b website development projects

  • company website

    Build a state-of-the-art website featuring a bold design, thoughtful user experience (UX), intuitive user interface (UI), and clear calls-to-action (CTAs) that reflects your position as a modern industry leader.

  • microsite

    Exclusively promote the launch of a new product, service, sub-brand, or event with a branded webpage that exists separately from your main website while aligning with your branding and messaging.

  • portal

    Employee or user platforms, password-protected hubs, and tech support help desks are just a few examples of the portals we create to serve specific purposes and support digital customer experience initiatives.

  • landing page

    Leverage digital marketing to get eyes on resources and events and drive lead gen. Dedicated landing pages for specific campaigns are perfect for capturing and directing leads to important messages.

our 5-step proven website development process

From project onset to go live, Sagefrog will guide your team through successfully developing an on-brand, mobile-optimized, user-friendly website. We offer custom website development services to attract, retain, and convert qualified visitors and sales leads. This is the Sagefrog way.

Step 1 – Discovery

Our B2B website design experts will prepare for a successful website project by reviewing your objectives, references, competitors, and industry best practices. We’ll share a sitemap and project timeline and may hold a Website Workshop with you.

Step 2 – Design

With your sitemap approval, we’ll develop homepage and subpage wireframes. Sagefrog will design all templates for desktop and mobile applications.

Step 3 – Draft

Concurrently, Sagefrog will draft keyword-optimized website copy to fit the Wireframe templates, leveraging existing website content and materials where possible.

Step 4 – Develop

With your approval on design and copy, our B2B website developers will program the website. Sagefrog and you will QA the site.

Step 5 – Deploy

With your approval on the Website, Sagefrog will schedule the go-live date. Sagefrog will conduct a post-launch QA and make final edits. Sagefrog will host a 1-hour WordPress Admin training with your team and may perform ongoing maintenance and optimization if an agreement is in place.

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