B2B Search Engine Optimization Services

B2B Search Engine Optimization Services

B2B search engine optimization is the process of helping search engines find your website by increasing its presence in organic search results through on-page and off-page tactics. SEO has the potential to push you to the top of the results page because your website will have the answers to the queries of consumers. Performing in the SERPs means you’re placing your business front and center for every potential customer looking for services and products in your industry.

Our B2B SEO agency uses tested tactics and tools to boost your website rankings and organic traffic to support an effective B2B SEO marketing strategy. Our Google Certified digital marketing team will perform in-depth audits, along with keyword research and competitor analysis to start the optimization process. Our experts will work on your national and local SEO, link building, technical fixes and website copy to help your B2B company survive on search engines and rank higher than competitors.

Sagefrog will create a B2B SEO strategy that brings results and integrates easily with the rest of your tactical marketing plan.

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In-Depth Audits

It’s important to understand how your website performs organically, compare that information with where your competitors are and set short- and long-term goals for desired growth. This is where a comprehensive audit by Sagefrog’s digital marketing team comes into play. With an in-depth audit, we can determine if you are following B2B SEO best practices and provide recommendations on how to improve—or build from scratch—a realistic, informed strategy.

Technical SEO

You can’t start bringing in leads without first making sure your website works. Technical B2B search engine optimization sets the foundation for other SEO efforts, like B2B search engine marketing, by fixing 404 errors, optimizing the website for mobile visitors, updating meta titles and descriptions for pages and doing away with duplicate content. Performing these simple technical tasks allows you to easily add more quality content to your website, attract users and increase your search engine performance.

Local SEO

Local SEO for B2B is the process of using your geographical location to rank your business higher than local competitors. When a potential customer searches for businesses near them, or searches by state, city or town, local SEO is what puts you on the map. Sagefrog carries out monthly local SEO efforts to make sure that your company is easily found and doesn’t get lost under other service providers. By monitoring the accuracy and quality of your business’s location information across the web, Sagefrog aids in driving leads to your website and establishing your company as the perfect local resource.

Keyword Research

Do you know what your leads are searching for as they look for products and services? What brings them to your website or directs them to competitors? Performing keyword research can reveal popular search queries and key terms that you can include on your website and landing pages to start ranking higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Using leading technology and tools, Sagefrog’s digital team can easily identify keywords and incorporate them into your website copy to ensure organic traffic is coming your way.

Link Building

Reviewing the number of links from other websites to yours is one of the main ways that Google and other search engines determine the overall value of your website. The more quality links leading to you from other trusted sources, the better you look. Sagefrog improves your website’s link building B2B SEO strategy by helping your domain build high-quality backlinks, leveraging B2B content marketing resources to secure new links from high-ranking websites, partners and thought leaders.

Copy Development

A website with little copy won’t perform well in search engines, which is why creating content with help from keyword research is an important aspect of custom website development and optimization. Your website copy should not only help your business stay relevant but should also create an enjoyable experience for visitors. Sagefrog integrates our B2B SEO solutions and best practices with optimized website copy to give leads a valuable experience once they’ve found you.

Reporting, Analytics & Optimization

The web is only getting bigger, so your B2B SEO efforts need to keep up. To help grow organic traffic, Sagefrog uses reporting tools to break down key findings of your website’s search engine performance. Using analytics, we continually implement SEO best practices to make sure your website reaches the top of the search engine results and remains there.