B2B Content Marketing Services

Conquer the B2B content marketing movement.

The growth of the internet and the rise of a have-it-your-way culture means people are only paying attention to companies, products and services that truly compel them. To capture the attention of qualified leads, you have to make them want to come to you by publishing content that generates awareness of your brand, compares and contrasts your offering with other options and captures qualified leads with enticing offers and promotions. Sagefrog helps B2B companies of all sizes create and execute a B2B content strategy that appeals to the personalities of their target market, with carefully selected messages, words, and formats. We actuate these plans through experienced copywriters, skilled graphic designers, and a set of tools, techniques, and technologies for distributing and promoting content effectively. Whether through videos, blogs, infographics, eBooks, or other content assets, we’ll ensure your message is seen and heard.

Buyer Personas & Market Research

To create appealing B2B content marketing, you need to know who you want to appeal to and what appeals to them. Sagefrog develops detailed buyer personas that include key information about target audiences, such as standard identifiers like age, location and position, and a deeper dive into factors like common goals and challenges, what leads value in a provider and where they get their information. We also conduct market research to gain a 360-degree understanding of your business’s competitive landscape, whether in healthcare, technology, industrial, or business services. As marketers who specialize in these industries, we combine our knowledge about your market with in-depth research about your niche to understand what options your leads have available to them and how we can position your company to be different, better, and more enticing.

Lead Nurturing

Once you figure out how to appeal to your leads, you need to convert them to customers. At Sagefrog, we start by making prospects aware of your solution through content like educational eBooks and whitepapers, gated by attractive landing pages that motivate people to provide their contact details to download the content. With these contacts in hand, we educate leads about your brand with case studies, sell sheets and brochures before converting them into customers through compelling consultations, product demos and trials. At each stage, we combine automated emails with personalized outreach to nurture leads and use lead scoring to ensure the leads we attract are qualified.

Content Assets & Blogs

Leads will only progress along the buyer’s journey for content that has real appeal. Thankfully, the marketers at our B2B content marketing agency know how to produce content that hits home at just the right moment. Our skilled copywriters, editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers produce professional whitepapers, eBooks, sell sheets, infographics, and more that position your brand and its executives as industry thought leaders. Whether through an awareness-stage educational piece or consideration-stage asset that explains the benefits and differentiators of your brand, we’ll help you build credibility and trust with your audience through content. As believers in integrated marketing, we cross-promote this material through related blog topics that feature embedded calls-to-action to download your content, landing leads directly into your sales pipeline.

Workflows & Automation

B2B content marketing should be delivered regularly and effectively, and Sagefrog provides you with the tools to accomplish just that. Using automated workflows, you can produce and distribute quality content throughout the buyer’s journey with a single click of a button. Our workflows enter prospects into an automated campaign as soon as they engage with your brand and usher them along the buyer’s journey by sending appropriate material as they advance through each stage. We supply the necessary landing pages and emails and track your campaign’s performance with built-in analytics and reporting. Streamlined and strategic, marketing workflows and automation are easy ways to nurture cold prospects through the sales funnel, while focusing your valuable time and attention on warmer leads.

CRM & Contact Database List Management

To effectively nurture leads, your contact list must be accurate and updated. At Sagefrog, we can manage your contact lists for you with industry-leading platforms such as HubSpot, MailChimp, and Salesforce. We’ll keep your contact lists updated and clean to reduce email bounces or blacklisting. More than that, we’ll segment your contacts by industry, persona, location, and other identifiers, allowing us to send tailored content, track trends, and make your contact list more manageable.