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B2B Brand Strategy Agency

B2B Brand Marketing Strategy Services

Brand building is one of the things we do best. A professional B2B brand strategy from Sagefrog is a comprehensive deliverable that defines the key components of your corporate, employer, or influencer brand to be leveraged in all marketing campaigns for a strong and consistent look, feel, and sound.

Types of Brand Strategies

  • Corporate Brand Strategy

    Our most popular B2B brand strategy is for corporations and companies to define their verbal and visual identity at the top. This deliverable can include visioning, positioning, messaging, visual identity, buyer personas, and more.

  • Employer Brand Strategy

    Employer brand strategies are rising in popularity as companies aim to articulate their employer value proposition (EVP) to top talent. This deliverable can include your EVP, reasons to join the company, benefits, values, and story.

  • Influencer Brand Strategy

    Influencer brand strategies are perfect for thought leaders or KOLs to promote their subject-matter expertise in the marketplace. This deliverable describes who they are, what they stand for, and why they’re an expert to trust.

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    of our B2B brand strategies:

Our Proven B2B Brand Strategy Process

Step 1 – Research & Assessment

Sagefrog will conduct brand and market assessments to understand the current brand experience for your prospects and customers. We will conduct stakeholder interviews with management, employees, partners, and customers to gain a 360-degree view of your brand and to gain buy-in from key players.

Step 2 – Workshop & Brief

Sagefrog will host a half-day workshop with key members of your team and Sagefrog to review and discuss visioning, positioning, messaging, visual identity, and buyer personas. We’ll develop and obtain alignment and approval on a brief to verify key facts and assumptions discussed in the workshop.

Step 3 – Development & Presentation

Sagefrog will develop your brand strategy deliverable and present it to your team with strategic rationale. You’ll receive a copy of the deliverable for review and approval before it is used and leveraged in all downstream marketing and communication channels for your brand.

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