B2B Brand Launch

One chance is all it takes to change the world.

Your brand strategy is finalized and your marketing plan is airtight—now all you need is the perfect brand launch, a carefully crafted event that can change everything. A brand launch will reach all of your stakeholders, from decision-makers and influencers to industry talent and media outlets, to drive your primary value propositions home. To do this successfully, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes activity to coordinate. But with expert guidance and planning, you can announce the new you strategically and stylishly.

Sagefrog is your brand launch partner. Our mission is to accelerate your success, and the brand launch is where it all starts. Whether you’re launching an updated brand, a completely new look or an emergence as a unified or co-brand from a merger or acquisition, there are key steps to take inside and outside of your company to do it right and make an impact.

Brand Activation

Activating your brand happens both internally and externally. Once your strategy is complete and accepted at the highest level of the organization, you’ll need to activate it with your team members, stakeholders and customers. For your internal team, your brand activation will take the form of an internal launch, during which you’ll carefully explain the reasoning behind the changes to the brand and what team members can expect from it. Once the internal launch is complete, you can begin your external launch, in which you’ll make stakeholders and current clients aware of the changes that are coming and how they’ll affect the way they interact with the brand and its offerings. Then you’ll take your brand public with strategically timed tactics, such as scheduling a press release and email update campaign alongside the launch of a new website.

Internal Launch

Brand launches that make a big impact on the marketplace do so only after a carefully crafted internal launch. Your internal launch is made up of materials that work best for your team as they learn why and how the company is embracing an updated or new brand. It can explain how this event will affect the team, offer scripts for employees addressing customer questions and may feature brand guidelines on how to use a new visual identity and messaging platform. Internal launches offer the opportunity to contribute to a healthy company culture, preempting the assumptions and rumors that can build when a business offers little or no explanation for big brand changes. A thoughtful and well-executed internal launch shows employees you value their role in the company and want them to support the new you.

External Launch

The final phase in a good brand activation plan is the external launch, which carefully considers timing to ensure your brand launch takes center stage in the marketplace. An external launch reaches out to several types of audiences—stakeholders, clients and the public—to share updates that walk them through major brand changes at a comfortable pace to anticipate their questions and mitigate any concerns they may have throughout the process. With everyone on board, your team can support a full roll-out of the brand through channels like public relations, social media and others. Your external launch is the moment your team worked hard for, and for many companies, it’s best coordinated by an experienced marketing agency.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are instrumental to your internal launch and to the enforcement of your strategy beyond launch day. Typically presented to your organization by the leadership team, this internal document is a reference guide to help employees understand the company’s core values, the personality and tone of voice that should be used when representing the brand as well as the steps for properly applying the visual identity to company documents and marketing materials. Brand guidelines are an important tool in ensuring everything your business will produce has a consistent look and feel to instill the principles of your brand at every single touchpoint.

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