B2B Brand Launch Planning

Make a Splash with Your New B2B Brand Launch.

Your new B2B brand (and your products) may improve a prospect’s life, but it won’t get to if they don’t know about it. That’s why it’s important to introduce your new brand to audiences the right way with a well-planned B2B brand launch. More than just a single big day, a new brand launch is a complete life cycle that involves planning each step of the way from securing coverage, scheduling press releases and writing brand messaging to developing marketing materials, creating outreach campaigns and running active engagement tactics, culminating in monitoring your launch’s success.

Although it can be daunting to strategically market your new brand, planning a brand launch is key in attracting the right prospects and making a splash in the market. With great messaging and an expert brand launch strategy partner in Sagefrog, your company can improve the reception of your brand and make a lasting impression on leads. Sagefrog builds a clear path to success by attracting the right prospects with a customized launch approach, preparing all the necessary components well in advance of the release date for the best results. The ability to successfully integrate the visioning, personality and tone, messaging, and visual identity of your new brand will determine whether it misses the mark and confuses customers or compels your target market to take action. With our mindful approach, you can be sure your B2B brand launch will be met with excitement.

Apply Brand Identity to Core Assets

With your new brand’s key components ready to go, it’s time to start generating leads, awareness, and ROI by applying your new (or refreshed) brand identity to all of your core and foundational assets. Sagefrog’s team of content developers and graphic designers can assist with updating your website and any company or overview brochures, sell sheets, and catalogs. Whether they appear online, in the office, at an industry event or in the hands of your sales team, expertly crafted print and digital materials can make their way to leads. Once these core assets have been updated, you’ll want to further increase your brand’s exposure by having on-brand materials at the ready to seal the deal with leads, and tap into the ROI of supplemental launch tactics, such as social media programs and email marketing campaigns, to make the most of your exciting launch.

Brand Launch Strategy & Development

Sagefrog will then set the stage for your new brand launch by planning the launch out before it begins, while offering necessary flexibility to easily adjust to real-world, real-time challenges. We start by establishing what you want to accomplish, how you want your new brand to be viewed and who you want to market to, using this information to develop detailed buyer personas and brand messaging centered around your audience and key value propositions. With press coverage, releases, new messaging and visuals, marketing materials and outreach tactics, we’ll put together a comprehensive B2B brand launch plan containing a strategy that’s best suited for both your brand and business plans. Through customized analytics, we’ll review every aspect of your launch—including PR metrics that measure brand awareness, email metrics that measure interest and consideration and conversion metrics that measure new clients—to continuously monitor and improve your brand’s perception.

Execute an Orchestrated Brand Launch

Once the brand launch plan is developed, Sagefrog immediately begins readying your brand launch for the market by doing the behind-the-scenes work. With your visual identity and brand messaging in place, our team will execute an orchestrated brand launch by planning and placing media so that it’s prepped for launch day, securing digital and print advertisement space in local and industry publications; offering exclusive press coverage, thought leadership, bylined articles and interviews with your team; and preparing Google Ads to draw in leads. With our media planning and placement, we make your B2B brand launch newsworthy in the right circles, leveraging our full suite of PR services to get the word out that your company has reset and recharged, while bringing clarity about your new brand to your target market and continuing to build trust.

Launch an Integrated Marketing Program

As soon as your B2B brand launch is successfully underway, you’ll want to launch and integrated marketing campaign using your new messaging and visual identity. Sagefrog can help you get competitive in your marketplace with digital marketing, content marketing, inbound and outbound campaigns, and event marketing. And with the resurgence of account-based marketing (ABM), if there are specific accounts you want to target, Sagefrog can help with LinkedIn and programmatic advertising, too.

B2B Branding Case Studies

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