B2B Brand Identity Design Services

Elevate the cornerstone of your brand with visual identity system design services.

Your brand identity, or visual identity system, is your company’s trademark; it’s the seal, stamp, first impression, and complete visual package that blends your brand’s purpose and personality while encouraging consistency. Until leads decide to get to know your company, your brand’s identity is one of the few aspects they’ll get to know, and hopefully recall, when assessing their options. A visual identity system creates or polishes your brand’s look and feel to make it clear that you care about presentation.

At Sagefrog, we develop B2B brand identity systems the same way we approach all graphic design: with an aim to create what drives results. Our business-minded approach to brand identity services has brand strategists converge with creatives to develop iconic logos, color palettes, typography sets, and imagery styles that accurately reflect brands and speak to their audiences and team members. We know when a company needs a visual refresh to command attention in the marketplace—and we know exactly how it’s done.

Logo & Sub-Logos

A logo is often the most recognizable part of a B2B brand identity, and it follows a company at nearly every mention: in press releases, at tradeshows and on marketing materials, business cards, websites, and more. Owning a logo that encapsulates your brand’s personality and role in the marketplace is what transforms you into an iconic company that people want to work with and a brand that competitors want to beat. Sagefrog’s graphic designers are experienced in B2B logo and sub-logo design for products, sub-brands, and divisions and will work with you to create an image that really resonates.

Color Palettes

A brand’s collection of colors not only builds a cohesive visual profile, but also carries the potential to evoke emotions and ideas among audiences. Establishing a primary palette and a set of secondary and accent colors allows all content you produce to look consistent and remain on-brand while still leaving room for creative flexibility. Sagefrog combines a thorough understanding of your industry with a strategic design eye to solidify a practical, well-balanced color palette that will drive interest and action.

Typography, Iconography & Graphic Elements

Though it may appear to take a backseat to other components of a brand’s visual appearance, typography is a powerful tool in conveying the subtleties of a business’s identity. Bringing more shape to your brand’s identity through iconography and graphic elements can also add variety to your content. Sagefrog’s creative team will help your company make a lasting impact on prospects, current clients, and potential partners by selecting a font family that blends with your business’s style and developing design icons and graphic elements that will spice up your marketing materials.

Imagery Styles

Companies that follow strict guidelines for their use of imagery form a stronger visual identity that helps people recognize their brand. Photographs, illustrations, and other forms of imagery can evoke moods or illustrate concepts, can appear realistic or abstract, can come in full color or monochromatic tones and can reinforce the values and ideas that audiences should see in your brand. The creative experts at Sagefrog will help you reign in your brand personality to establish an imagery style that speaks to your target audience and embodies your company’s strengths and goals.

Sample Applications

The creative elements that make up a brand identity system can be difficult to digest until you see how they interact to personalize your brand. Sample applications provide the context you need to understand the way your logo, color palette, typography, iconography, graphic elements, and imagery style come together to create dynamic marketing materials. Sagefrog can develop a set of sample applications for the materials you’d like to create first, so your team can get a sneak peek of your new brand identity in action.

Conceptual Overview Diagrams

Applicable to most businesses, a proven process is a well-documented component of a brand development strategy, revealing the basics of how a team produces results for customers in a way that’s unique to the company. A conceptual overview diagram is the ideal visual tool to communicate a company’s proven process in an easily digestible and creative way. Sagefrog will help your business solidify its own proven process through a conceptual overview diagram that will let prospects know what to expect from the work you deliver.

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