B2B Video Marketing Services

Take Your Value Proposition Viral with B2B Video Marketing

B2B video marketing’s unique ability to create an immediate and authentic connection with people has changed the way brands communicate with their target audiences. Because visuals build trust, B2B video marketing has become an essential tool for outreach and campaign efforts and a staple of modern marketing programs. Companies that utilize video experience a 41 percent increase in search traffic compared to those who don’t, and video marketing is becoming more prevalent every day; a growing sector of today’s decision-makers are millennials, otherwise known as a purchasing powerhouse of visual learners, and by 2019, 80 percent of online content will consist of video marketing tailored to them.1

Sagefrog can help you capture this new audience, make your message go viral, and permeate the web with B2B video marketing services like informational, explainer, tutorial, testimonial, and company overview videos that guide prospects through the sales cycle. From professional script writing and storyboarding to on-site shoots and final cuts, we produce compelling videos that are fit for today’s world of digital consumption. Always proponents of integrated optimization, we’ll be sure to integrate your B2B video marketing strategy with content planning and other channels to maximize views and gain results.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube resides at the heart of internet video—its 1.3 billion users watch almost five billion videos daily.2 In comparison to other social media channels, YouTube’s users spend more time on the platform; even while using a cell phone, YouTube reported that a typical user’s session averages around forty minutes.3 Sagefrog can help you use the site’s built-in video marketing tools to take advantage of this viewership and benefit your B2B video marketing strategy. Advertise to prospects as they search YouTube and stick with them as they watch videos, using YouTube’s targeting criteria, such as demographics, keywords, topics, placement and category, to zero in on your ideal audience. You’ll only pay when a potential customer chooses to click on or watch thirty seconds of your ad, so you’ll know every dollar is going to interested leads.

Voiceover Services

Adding a voiceover to your B2B video content can broadcast the immediacy and clarity of an in-person conversation to places you might never reach otherwise. They can make your B2B video content more relatable, emotional and fluid. As part of our suite of B2B video production services, Sagefrog will recommend a pitch-perfect voiceover that aligns with your brand’s personality and tone. Whether it’s the authority of a rich baritone or the approachability of a friendly conversationalist, we make the most of your audio to deliver a smooth and persuasive message.

Software Demos

If your lineup of products includes software or mobile applications, Sagefrog can show it in action with a visual demonstration. As a B2B marketing agency, we have the experience and know-how to distill complex tech and software industry subject matters into visuals that are easy to understand. With lively, engaging videos, we’ll show your prospects exactly how your program works to reduce uncertainties and risk and move them further down the sales cycle and closer to a purchase decision.

Animated Videos

Maybe you want to break down a complex idea into images that are easy to digest or create bold visuals that will get your ad noticed in the competitive digital marketplace. Sagefrog can create captivating animated videos to make you stand out from the crowd and deliver your messaging with clarity and style. Bring your ideas and data to life by presenting dynamic charts, text and infographics in an entertaining and informative way.

Script Development

A successful ad strikes the right tone with its audience, and our content team can create a clear and inviting voice for your video through expert script development. We see your B2B video content through from the first idea to the finishing touches with effective storyboards and detailed scripts featuring directions for digital animators and voice actors as needed. As a leading B2B marketing agency, we know how to implement your brand messaging across multiple platforms, so your video will complement your campaign and win over the right prospects. We’ll communicate your ideas without complex sentences or jargon and feature overlaid text, so your video still delivers its message when muted.

Company Overviews

A company overview is a short video that explains who your company is, what you do and the main benefits you offer. By providing this introduction, your potential customers can quickly get familiar with your company, so they’ll feel more comfortable speaking to a rep or making a purchase. Company overviews are a great way to deliver your mission and vision, communicate your differentiators and showcase the characteristics and offerings that set you apart from your competitors. You’ll want top-notch production to represent your company, and Sagefrog has the capability to produce cinematic-quality videos. We’ll custom design visuals that align with your brand, so you can project a professional presence to your prospects. From typography to color palette and everything in between, our company overview videos will bring your identity to life.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are one of the most effective ways to improve your audience’s perception of your product or service. Testimonials can help your company build trust, increase credibility and humanize your brand. Happy and loyal customers are a company’s best advocates, so let them describe to prospects how your products or services have helped them solve a problem or made their professional lives easier. To make your testimonials clear and intuitive, Sagefrog utilizes a full range of visual techniques, from talking-head style interviews to animation and iconography.

B2B Explainer Videos

Take advantage of video marketing’s immediacy with a B2B explainer video that grabs viewers’ attention with a one-to-two-minute explanation of an idea, service or product. You can explain why your business is a good fit for your prospects, answer common questions or focus on an industry-wide problem that your solution solves. B2B explainer videos must convey authority to succeed, and Sagefrog’s production team will give you the professional polish to make your audience trust the content set forth. Whether you need the approachability of an expert speaking directly to the camera or the intuitive clarity of whiteboard animations, our team will get your point across.

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