B2B Social Media Marketing Services

Word-of-mouth marketing went digital.

Social media has taken engagement to new heights, but its vast and fast-paced nature can be a little overwhelming for B2B companies looking to get started on social or build back up a regular online presence. Being successful on social means picking the right platforms, such as B2B LinkedIn advertising for supplementing strategic targeting campaigns and Facebook for reaching local leads, and putting effort into content creation and design and engagement tactics.

Sagefrog helps businesses navigate the social landscape with comprehensive capabilities and technology. From pointed, overarching strategy to campaigns and individual posts built to go viral, our integrated approach to B2B social media marketing brings coherency and purpose to your social media platforms so you can find and build meaningful connections with your prospects. With Sagefrog’s certified B2B social media marketing specialists, you can better manage and participate in an online community that contains your partners, prospects and peers.

Social Media Strategy, Planning, & Execution

There are many social channels out there, with no end to the content they share. To cut through the noise and make a meaningful impression, you need a coherent social media marketing strategy that gives your content purpose. At Sagefrog, we provide just that, starting by choosing the right channels for your company and integrating those channels with your website and other digital efforts. Then we create customized and comprehensive editorial calendars that outline our plan to efficiently produce regular content. To maximize engagement, we plan posts for events, holidays and industry and company news and fine-tune our strategy for your audience by tracking their top viewing times and posting at the right moment to achieve peak engagement and visibility.

Social Posts & Imagery

Once you have a solid B2B social media marketing strategy in place, you can maximize its effectiveness with content that excites your audience. To make that happen, Sagefrog can be as involved as desired, whether your content is ready to be proofed or requires regular conceptualization and drafting. We start by custom-building your social media profiles to project a strong and clear brand presence. To help your content attract attention and increase impressions, we research relevant hashtags for your subject matter and develop eye-catching imagery and graphics, knowing that posts with a visual component are statistically proven to have a higher impact. But our posts won’t just look good; as a B2B social media agency that specializes in your industry—whether it be healthcare, technology or industrial and businesses services—we draw on our industry acumen to think of topics, develop copy and select and share articles. As your content attracts followers, we’ll leverage that attention to promote your other B2B content marketing efforts and events, harmonizing all of your efforts.

B2B Social Media Advertising

With great content ready to go, you’ll want it to easily reach your ideal prospects. While organic marketing is great for keeping your current audience interested, paid B2B social media advertising has the reach and targeting capabilities to bring in new leads. Using platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, we market to business professionals that are a good fit for your product or service. Our detailed targeting capabilities allow us to locate qualified prospects, reaching beyond basic demographics to factors like job title and interests. To bring these prospects in, we create clear calls-to-action and substantive offers such as whitepapers and videos and craft attractive landing pages to encourage conversions.

Social Listening, Monitoring & Optimization

To create lasting relationships with your leads and grow your prospect pool, you need to know your audience, and that includes what they’re reacting to and engaging with and how they feel about your brand. Sagefrog can aid you in that effort with social listening and monitoring. Through tools provided by HubSpot and Hootsuite, we use social listening to determine how consumers view your brand, as well as the topics and trends that currently interest them. To ensure peak performance, we regularly review your social channels and deliver reports that feature KPIs like engagement, reach and conversions. We also analyze competitors’ channels to give you an edge and keep you aware of any available whitespace in your industry. Beyond that, we monitor and manage your channels in real time, creating posts in reaction to major events as they occur and responding to followers with real, two-way conversations. To safeguard your reputation, we’ll also be alerted if any negative reviews of your company occur, and we’ll respond professionally and with discretion.