B2B PR Campaigns

Your reputation is everything, and you need a B2B public relations strategy to solidify it.

Achieving regular media coverage for your company and executives can be a challenge. The credibility, however, that an authoritative publication or news outlet can add to your company is invaluable. Sagefrog is a B2B PR agency that turns the challenges presented by modern media into powerful marketing opportunities by leveraging our relationships with industry-specific publications and news outlets to get you coverage. Our in-house experts use leading B2B PR tools and platforms to build media lists, blast press releases, secure thought leadership placements and gain opportunities for your subject-matter experts to weigh in on relevant topics. And, with our reputation management capabilities, you can be sure that your company’s perception will be protected from the modern challenges of the media and internet.

PR Campaign Strategy & Media Placement

Almost all B2B industries have a big media market. Breaking through it, however, can be tough for small to-medium-sized businesses, or even big players, that don’t have the expertise or resources needed to do so. At Sagefrog, we take care of the big picture and small details when it comes to B2B PR, from crafting compelling media messages to building media lists that include relevant publications, news outlets and contacts. With messaging created to shape your public image, we bring your brand into the print and digital media landscapes. We craft newsworthy press releases to support M&A activity, product launches, website launches and more, then use social media marketing and establish an email marketing strategy plan to alert the media and drum up buzz. To solidify your B2B public relations, we design and place advertisements and advertorials in relevant publications that are sure to build your brand’s credibility in the minds of prospects and peers.

Bylined Articles & Thought Leadership

The content Sagefrog sends out into the world on behalf of your brand carries weight. We uncover opportunities to build your B2B public relations by crafting articles for industry publications, which showcase thought leadership, make your voice known among peers and increase trust in your brand. Through our access to services like HARO and ProfNet, which help reporters find subject-matter experts on a certain topic, we monitor opportunities for executives in your company to be interviewed and quoted by articles and publications. Since they’ll be credited as experts, your brand will receive organic attention and backlinks that carry the same weight as objective journalism.

Press Releases & Internal Communications

We promote your successes, innovations, and industry accolades to the press, strengthening your reputation among prospects and peers. Our team will craft press releases that serve your B2B PR strategy word by word and then use our access to Cision, or PR Newswire, to get your message picked up by the media masses. We’ll also make sure your reputation is managed correctly inside your organization by crafting internal communications that tactfully inform employees about organizational changes and successes.

Crisis & Reputation Management & Media Monitoring

Digital media has changed the game for reputation management, compelling companies to be vigilant about protecting their reputation. At Sagefrog, we take our clients’ reputations seriously, protecting them as we do for our own. We help you proactively identify issues or potential crises in your field and look for opportunities to set the story straight. We also regularly monitor the media for mentions of your brand, giving us a window to address discrepancies or build relationships around positive media coverage.