B2B Trade Show & Event Marketing

Be show-stopping before, during and after the event.

There aren’t many opportunities to personally interact with a broad range of prospects—and in today’s increasingly digital world, eye contact, a handshake and real conversation can be hard to come by. However, the increased scarcity of real-world engagement has lent physical presence more impact, especially at events and conferences where people gather together in person.

Event marketing takes full advantage of this opportunity, providing your salespeople the flexibility of in-person interaction. To create new contacts and leads, we’ll help you strategically and in person to have the social tact to make prospects feel welcome and even enthusiastic about one-on-one interaction, while making it clear why your offering stands out from the crowd. With the right tactics, your booth will buzz with activity and be the envy of the conference.

Tradeshow Booths & Displays

The booth is your best shot at attracting visitors, so the more inviting the better. An awesome tradeshow booth will entice attendees to linger, while also conveying the advantages of your brand. Through our partnership with Expand International, we can take care of the design and creation of your booth from soup to nuts, with dynamic visuals, large, attention-grabbing signage, a range of inviting booth styles that fit your spatial needs and television monitors to draw attendees in. Booths and displays can also take an active approach in converting leads into customers. We’ll strategically apply your brand’s visual identity and verbal messaging platforms to your booth in a professional yet eye-grabbing way to let your visitors know who you are and why you’re different and better than the rest. We’ll complement your booth graphics with display QR codes and optimized social media hashtags that invite engagement from attendees.

Pre-Show Strategy & Promotion

If the right steps aren’t taken before a show, your success will already be limited. Let Sagefrog help you make the most of your next event by using our guidance to decide which shows you must attend and where to situate your booth. With the details decided, we’ll help you promote your attendance, exhibition or sponsorship to let the right people know that you’ll be there. If you’re launching a new product or promotion around the time of the conference, we’ll be sure to integrate the announcement with your pre-show communications. Beyond awareness, in order to secure meetings and make the most of your time at the event, we’ll tap into our full suite of marketing services, including email, direct marketing, social media and blogs. With the attendee list in hand, we can arrange meet-and-greets or one-on-one meetings and dinners with high-profile leads. Through social and email, we’ll detail why prospects should come to your booth with offerings like product demonstrations, presentations, free consulting and promotional items.

In-Show and Post-Show Strategy & Marketing

Too often, event marketing momentum subsides just as the conference begins, causing missed in-show and post-show marketing opportunities. We know there’s a lot of travel logistics and details to think about right before an event, so leave the in-show and post-show strategy to Sagefrog. As your partner in success, we’ll happily attend shows with you to provide extra manpower on the floor, keep your social media brimming with event photos and set up your booth and handle other event logistics. Of course, a major attraction for attendees is always the product demo, so we’ll assist you with creating coherent, concise presentations that put forward the key benefits of your product, as well as develop supplemental materials, such as videos, brochures and sells sheets to maintain and deepen interest. The most critical time to capitalize on conference momentum and further relationships with your new-found connections is right after the show. We’ll help you immediately follow up with promising connections by arming you with pre-drafted emails that you can send as soon as you return. We’ll also draft takeaway blogs so that lessons you’ve gathered from the conference can be used to promote recognition and credibility within the conference’s industry.

Sponsorship Strategy

Tradeshows present an enormous opportunity to build your brand through exposure, credibility and thought leadership. We’ll advise you on sponsorship strategies and spend, from the broad exposure of having your name in the event program to the prestige of sponsoring a dinner. If the conference lacks appealing sponsorship options, we’ll use our access and research capabilities to set up an opportunity that works for you, whether that’s sponsoring charging stations or printing your brand on food and drinks. For conferences with a particularly promising attendee list, we will work with conference leadership to secure and promote speaking engagements at the right price for your company. With a broad range of powerful credibility-builders and a thorough strategy to capture leads in an environment where they’re enthused to hear about your products, you’re sure to walk away from the conference with an impressive return on marketing investment.