B2B Marketing Collateral Services

Creative marketing materials designed with purpose for your marketplace.

Professionally designed B2B marketing collateral makes a statement. It tells people that your company is the real deal. Equip your sales force with the tools necessary to back up their words at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Give them informational brochures and sell sheets about your company, products, or service lines that they can leave behind at a meeting or hand out at a tradeshow. People are more likely to hold onto attractive, custom marketing materials, so create something your leads will keep and remember to reference when they’re ready to refresh their marketing collateral.

Print & Digital Brochures

The job of a good brochure is to present the value of your company, product, or service at a glance with engaging visuals and content that mimics the personality of your brand. Whether creating custom marketing materials or drawing from previously developed content, we can refine and enhance your print collateral and digital brochures to better serve their purpose at tradeshows and events—both in person and online. We’ll consult with you about your needs to strategically decide if print or digital is the priority. From there, we’ll take your B2B event marketing to the next level in design, copy, style, and format, plus ensure it can be printed, distributed, viewed, and downloaded easily by your prospect pool.

Sell Sheets & Pocket Folders

Pocket folders and sell sheets continue the work of your salesperson after he or she has moved onto the next lead. Sell sheets are quick reads that contain the vital aspects of your sell for a particular product or service. With the right combination of impactful images and elucidating text, sell sheets can make a product’s function and value clear and unforgettable. Custom marketing materials and print collateral, like brochures and sell sheets, can be distributed widely through print or digital, making them a highly efficient way to market an offering. With a professional heft and documents selected and ordered rationally and persuasively, pocket folders can provide a credible sell all on their own because they contain a complete sales system, from brochures and sell sheets to a die-cut space for a business card that provides a call to action for your lead.

Sales Decks & Presentations

It all comes down to sales presentations. You either close the lead or you don’t, and in that high-stakes, high-pressure moment, you need a backup you can rely on. Sales decks, when done right through effective marketing materials design, support pitches with reliable impact through powerful visuals and persuasive, attention-grabbing details and statistics. Sagefrog designs precise, powerful sells that anticipate prospects’ questions and address their pain points in a succinct PowerPoint that lays out who your business is, what you do, and why, while building authority with accolades and performance highlights. We reinforce that messaging with the right balance of illustrative visuals and design to create a high-definition impact on large screens, and we can provide you with blank branded templates so that you can customize your message as desired.

Branded Stationery Sets & Promotional Items

Through custom stationery and promotional items, your B2B marketing materials will start taking up residence in prospects’ lives, and Sagefrog makes sure your leads are happy about it. Because prospects see letterheads, envelopes, email signatures, and more all the time, it can be easy to tune it out, so our design team takes the time to create a concise, bold brand identity system for all marketing materials that make your company’s value jump out memorably and attractively from everyday clutter. With a cohesive design throughout your digital and print marketing materials, new prospects will soon recognize your company on sight, which is vital when implementing a new brand identity. And with promotional items that prospects will want to take home, they’ll be exposed regularly to your brand and expose others along the way.