B2B Advertising

Connect with the right audience.

The media is part of the fabric of our social world. Whether people read headlines on newsstands or watch commercials on television, the impact of established traditional media still packs a punch in a world increasingly filled with user-generated content. Our advertising experts, who have been in the industry for years, will find the channel that’s right for your message, handle the logistics of placing your ad and coordinate the necessary actions to get the most out of your message and make the meaning stick.

With Sagefrog’s media planning and placement, print advertising and promotional campaigns, you’ll see continued success and lead generation through your advertising and media efforts, connecting with audiences that are a perfect fit for your brand, specialties and services.

Media Planning & Placement

A message is only as effective as the meaning it carries for its audience, so your ad won’t have any chance for success if it’s not placed in front of the right people. At Sagefrog, we work with you to bring together all the pieces of the puzzle. Our team creates effective placement plans—whether for single placements, quarterly calendars or year-long programs—and can secure great rates from our connections with popular B2B publications, including trade publications, newspapers, billboards and those associated with industry events. Every detail matters when the ad represents your brand, so we help you get each aspect of the ad just right, from the size of the ad and the words in it, to the creative design and placement time. We handle the entire process, coordinating with publications to get your ad seen by the right people at the right time.

Print Advertising

Print has only gotten more impactful as prospects are overloaded with digital ads. Because a print ad feels substantial, it helps build credibility and can have a greater impact in B2B than other forms of marketing. With hard-hitting copywriting, graphic design and layouts, we produce impactful mailers, flyers, postcards and newsletters, which are designed to offer customers and prospects information that’s important to them and to increase brand authority.

Promotional Campaigns

Even with perfect placement, it’s easy for a single ad in today’s oversaturated world to get lost in the shuffle. To be effective and efficient, a comprehensive promotional campaign can make the most of your investment by directing more people to your ad and making its impression stronger and more memorable. Whether you’re pursuing new clients or launching a new product, our integrated marketing approach will allot time for creating campaigns that support your ad buys with supplemental media and content marketing. Our brand strategists, public relations experts and graphic designers have in-depth experience in B2B promotional campaigns and will see your message through to success.