B2B LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Use B2B’s biggest social media platform to your advantage.

Since its inception, LinkedIn has proved an invaluable tool for B2B companies of all sizes that use it for marketing and sales; it’s the world’s largest professional network and the perfect platform for lead generation. LinkedIn’s many features provide businesses with fresh opportunities to connect with audiences using real data and insights from the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team. At Sagefrog, we combine our experience using paid LinkedIn advertising features with our extensive strategic marketing planning expertise to recommend and execute programs that will work best for you.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

Through LinkedIn Sponsored Content, InMail, Matched Audiences, text ads, lead generation forms, and innovative account-based marketing tactics, you can reach decision-makers and stakeholders who have the power to convert. Because of its vast professional network, proven results and return on marketing investment, LinkedIn is the one social media platform that every B2B marketer should use to their advantage to generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content is LinkedIn’s native ad solution that lets companies display content as updates in the main newsfeed of targeted users. This feature allows marketers to acquire qualified leads and continually test and improve messages without cluttering the Company Page. Sagefrog will help you create and deliver optimized content to your target audience, which can be refined through several custom filters and targeting options such as gender, industry, and location. With Sagefrog’s help, you can easily set a budget to pay by cost per click or cost per impression with automated suggestions based on competing bids and target audiences, and you can track and analyze the performance of your B2B LinkedIn advertising efforts through the Campaign Manager feature.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail is LinkedIn’s unique messaging tool that lets companies reach LinkedIn members in real time to share personalized messages, invites and announcements. InMail is a great alternative to cold emailing because it encourages a personal and direct approach, allowing marketers and salespeople to appear visible and transparent in their communications. Because messages are delivered to a user’s inbox when they are logged in to LinkedIn on mobile or desktop, the average InMail receives a high open rate at a low cost per open. Use this LinkedIn marketing strategy to boost registration efforts for webinars and events, drive conversions, and promote new content.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences

LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences feature lets companies deliver marketing messages to a select audience based on website retargeting, account targeting, and email contact targeting. It combines LinkedIn Marketing Solutions data with a company’s own data, such as existing customer email lists, website visitors, and even competitor information, to reach leads that are already engaged in the buyer’s journey. This tool can support a well-rounded digital marketing program and bring in new and highly qualified leads.

LinkedIn Text Ads & Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn offers a simple self-service pay-per-click advertising option for text ads. It’s the fastest way to get your business in front of the right audience and drive traffic to your website to gain qualified leads. With text ads, you can set and adjust your company’s budget and choose to pay per click or per impression. Once a user clicks on your paid LinkedIn advertising, they will be prompted to fill out a form, prepopulated with their LinkedIn profile information, and instantly become a lead. LinkedIn collects this lead gen form data and makes it available as lists in the Campaign Manager tool. Let Sagefrog help you develop captivating text ads and lead generation forms that create a great experience for your next target audience.

LinkedIn Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a classic method that marketing and sales teams use to reach out to their most qualified leads and secure them as customers. LinkedIn’s advertising solutions are perfect for executing ABM campaigns, as they operate on the same tenants of personalization and small-net targeting and help match your target companies against its 13+ million company pages. Many of LinkedIn’s features allow users to refine target audiences by professional demographics like company name and job title, enabling you to present top content to key decision-makers at high-value accounts. Offering a professional space to execute tactics and advanced targeting capabilities to spread the word, LinkedIn account-based marketing is the best ABM option for SMBs on a budget.