Healthcare Marketing: The Best 3 Tactics for Patient Recruitment

The healthcare industry is vast, featuring a variety of B2B and B2C organizations for which the marketing goals are different. While B2B healthcare companies such as EHR providers ultimately aim to increase leads from hospitals and other healthcare facilities, B2C healthcare organizations instead aim for increased patient recruitment. According to a recent Google webinar, the latest marketing tactics for optimized and optimal patient recruitment were centered on one message: patients prefer mobile.

This finding shouldn’t come as a surprise to most marketers. It’s evident that people are turning to their phones more and more every day. We’re not just using our phones for texting, games and social anymore. Mobile formats and apps are available for just about anything, from banking and paying bills to ordering coffee, booking flights and even catching a ride. With all the mobile options to choose from, it’s no wonder the mobile market has seen a more than 400% growth in less than ten years1.

  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. Website Optimization and UX
  3. Digital Marketing: SEO & SEM

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