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HubSpot Update: From CMS Hub to Content Hub

By: Alyssa Dannaker

HubSpot is one of the most trusted resources for all things inbound—and for good reason. The brand offers intuitive, user-friendly software and advocates a forward-thinking approach to sales, marketing, and service alignment. HubSpot consistently brings innovative ideas to the table that help businesses keep up with trends and stay competitive as audience needs evolve. And once again, they’ve opened our eyes to a new way of managing everyday marketing responsibilities and seamlessly incorporating artificial intelligence for easy, optimal outcomes.

On April 3rd, 2024, HubSpot announced its new Content Hub, an all-in-one, AI-powered content marketing software that reinvents content generation, helping teams create and manage content to sustain the entire customer journey. HubSpot’s decision to evolve its CMS Hub product into the Content Hub speaks volumes about the changing dynamics of content marketing.

So, why has HubSpot made this transition, and what exactly is changing for new and existing platform users? Let’s break it down.

What Is HubSpot Content Hub?

The HubSpot Customer Platform is transitioning its CMS Hub into a new space for creating and managing content assets at scale from a single source of truth: the Content Hub.

This includes standard functions from the previous CMS Hub—building website and landing pages, blogging, performing search engine optimization, capturing leads, and reporting and analyzing results—that have been enhanced with AI-powered features to improve users’ abilities to produce highly personalized, omni-channel content experiences.

Ready to draft your next blog post? HubSpot can give you a head start with AI blog generation to brainstorm titles, outlines, and keywords for embeddable smart content. Use the new post narration module to create an audio version of your blog in minutes to support your website users and improve your site’s accessibility. Then leverage the new content remix tool to repurpose your published blog into landing pages, ads, social media posts, images, and more.

A brand voice feature can also help you quickly push out consistent, on-brand content by storing your brand’s personality and tone of voice preferences, like those found in a Sagefrog Brand Strategy.

The Biggest Benefits of Content Hub

  • Drive revenue through greater personalization across the entire customer journey
  • Increase ROI with AI to seamlessly scale and repurpose content across channels
  • Save time and energy with content management and operations all in one place

Content Hub is currently available in three tiers: Content Hub Starter, Content Hub Professional, and Content Hub Enterprise. Users get access to the basic features in the free and Starter versions, AI-enabled tools in the Professional tier, and advanced capabilities for multisites, content approvals, activity logging, and more in the Enterprise edition.

Why Has HubSpot Launched Content Hub?

HubSpot introduced Content Hub because the role of content has expanded beyond simple lead generation. Marketers now need to write, design, and publish more content than ever before, distribute it across more channels at more points in the customer journey, and make it highly personal to the buyer.

But HubSpot recognizes that navigating this complex demand for content can be difficult for several reasons:

  • Content needs are skyrocketing, but team resources are spread thin
  • Unique, engaging topics that cut through the clutter are tough to find
  • Scaling content, teams, and branding is time-intensive and inconsistent
  • Optimizing and reusing existing content for fresh results is challenging

The old way of achieving inbound success was powering lead generation by writing blogs that prioritized quantity over quality. Yet this led to an explosion of sub-par content and search declines that disrupted the effectiveness of traditional strategies.

The path forward requires a renewed focus on the customer journey itself, using content across multiple channels that center around quality over quantity. High-value, relevant content pieces must be personalized and delivered in new formats that make the most of AI to not only attract but also engage and retain audiences.

HubSpot’s Content Hub is designed to facilitate this objective, helping marketers create rich, expertise-backed content in many formats across diverse channels and keep it all organized and updated as time goes on.

What Are My Options Now?

If your team uses the HubSpot Customer Platform for its CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, or other application, you won’t experience any changes unless you upgrade. The Content Hub is only available to users when they purchase this particular software application for the first time.

The Content Hub is a valuable tool in the modern marketer’s toolbox, but it’s important to note that its AI-driven features only appear in Premium and Enterprise versions. If you’re not sure what move to make, Sagefrog can audit your current HubSpot account usage to determine whether an upgrade to Content Hub is worth your while.

Content Hub could be the perfect fit for your team if:

  • You want to weave AI tech or podcasting into your content creation process
  • You struggle to brainstorm, optimize, or repurpose high-quality content assets
  • You want to produce truly personalized and targeted marketing campaigns
  • You manage a WordPress website with no way to easily integrate CRM data

That said, no single software will be the ultimate fix for the challenges your marketing, sales, or service departments may face. That’s where a trusted marketing partner like Sagefrog comes in!

As a Platinum HubSpot Partner Agency, Sagefrog can help you leverage HubSpot’s powerful features to their fullest potential with expert strategy, support, and execution that maximize your investment. There are so many ways HubSpot can accelerate the success of your business—the secret is knowing how to use it efficiently.

Contact us for HubSpot guidance today! Together, we can build and execute campaigns that get real results.