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Google Partners Connect: Modern Healthcare Marketing

By: Alyssa Dannaker

The power of digital marketing has extended to healthcare – an industry that is adjusting to shifts in human behavior brought on by new technologies and information systems. Mobile search and open access to health information continues to disrupt organizations that haven’t traditionally focused great efforts on their online presence. So what are healthcare companies struggling with today and how can they keep up? This week, tap into our Google Partner status to see what you missed in the latest Google Partners Connect livestream on healthcare.

Below is an overview of Google’s biggest talking points and our expert opinions on the evolution of B2B healthcare marketing. You can view the full Livestream here.

Google shared a frustrating fact about digital marketing at the beginning of this week’s Livestream discussion: what we used to consider extraordinary in digital is now ordinary. Healthcare organizations just like yours are using the same digital marketing strategy basics, thereby making these tactics ordinary. To truly impact the saturated healthcare market, we need to find what constitutes extraordinary digital marketing.

On average, health consumers consult 12 sources of information before a hospital visit or provider selection.1

The Top 3 Needs of Health Consumers

Those who work in or around the industry know that healthcare business models are changing because of consumer behavior – people consult an average of 12 resources before making decisions about care, compare diagnoses from their doctor with information online and expect to find the product or service they need on mobile, in an instant. Maintaining a successful business model means meeting consumers at each of these touchpoints, or micro-moments, with exactly what they need.

Consumers need things NOW

1 in 20 searches on Google are healthcare-related. These searches most likely include non-branded keywords from consumers just kicking off their buyer journey, looking for immediate answers to their pressing health questions. If your organization doesn’t show up during these initial searches, you’ll miss out on the chance to instantly gratify and connect with leads. Here’s how to meet this need:

  • Adopt a mobile-first mindset. According to Google, mobile is the main device used for health-related searches, which means your website and landing pages must be optimized for mobile.
  • Leverage your location. The term “near me” has become more popular in mobile searches and Google wants to reflect location immediacy in the results it provides. Include up-to-date location information on your Google business page and in search engine ads and utilize location extensions.

Consumers need to feel EMPOWERED

When it comes to our health, many of us prefer to research symptoms, conditions and providers on our own to understand our options and make good decisions. Although we may plan to get a professional’s opinion, we confide in the Internet first to feel empowered. Here’s how to meet this need:

  • Be a source of education. Connect with your sales team to enhance your content marketing efforts. Find the top ten questions customers and patients have about your products or services, the conditions you treat or the technologies you use. Educational content will position your organization as a trustworthy expert on a topic or health niche.

Consumers need an EASY EXPERIENCE

Google found that 77% of consumers leave a mobile site if they can’t find information easily. 40% will turn to a competitor if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Mobile optimization changes such as site speed and load time improvements can create an easier experience for users, but there are other ways to simplify your online offering. Here’s how to meet this need:

  • Include simple CTAs. Make it easy for consumers to contact your facility by using click-to-call buttons and motivate them to act by including calls-to-action like Call Now and Schedule a Consultation in webpage meta descriptions and search engine ads.
  • Revisit your site map. Don’t deter site visitors by including too many steps to complete actions or access information. Approach your site navigation and page layout from the point of view of a consumer seeking quick results.

Video: The Growing Gateway to Health Information

One of the fastest-growing forms of content in healthcare is video. Factoring video into your 2018 marketing plan is a smart move but it requires understanding the type of research your audience conducts when searching for videos on YouTube and other websites.

Consumers watch health-related videos because they want comprehensive and relatable content, so the videos you create must serve that up in order to perform well. 1 in 2 people want to hear another person’s experience when they feel as though no one understands what they’re going through.1 This is why emotional content captures the attention of viewers. Start your video creation process by making simple and honest testimonials and tap into your niche by highlighting your specialty, the technology you use or innovative techniques you practice.

types of video chat

Digital Advertising and Healthcare

Marketers in the healthcare industry must meet unique requirements in digital advertising and remarketing campaigns to protect the privacy of Internet-goers. That being said, there are still many ways to improve the performance of ads and their landing pages. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Adjust your remarketing campaigns during flu season and other peak times
  • Have ads lead to landing pages – not generic homepages – that contain keywords for symptoms, procedures and other relevant topics
  • Change up your ad creative to create a bigger impact on online users
  • Take advantage of A/B testing for both ads and landing pages to analyze conversion impact

A certified Google Partner like Sagefrog can help your organization keep up with the big changes facing healthcare marketing today. If you need expert guidance in adjusting your marketing plan or including new tactics, schedule a free consultation to review your current efforts and get feedback on next steps. You’ll also walk away with a free Marketing Plan Summary that documents our evaluation and recommendations to help accelerate your success.


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