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Digital Marketing for SaaS Companies: 8 Most Successful Tactics Explained

By: Andrea Panno

The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry has grown substantially over the last few years as more companies continue to enter the market. As businesses sought cloud-based solutions that would benefit remote workers and operations through the pandemic years and into the digitally transformed world that followed, SaaS has grown exponentially, projected to reach a global market size of 908.21 billion dollars by 20301.

In a market rife with competition, differentiating your brand and the solutions you offer with an impactful SaaS digital marketing strategy is vital to your success. Instead of relying exclusively on traditional strategies, your marketing and tactics should align with the level of innovation your solutions offer.

To remain competitive and continue to succeed in a growing market, let’s look at the most successful SaaS digital marketing tactics.

How Is B2B SaaS Marketing Different from Other Industries

One of the first things to understand when creating successful campaigns is that digital marketing for SaaS has unique challenges, particularly in proving return on investment (ROI). Unlike traditional products, SaaS involves ongoing subscriptions, making immediate ROI difficult to quantify. The intangible nature of many SaaS benefits, such as improved efficiency or enhanced collaboration, further complicates things. Marketing efforts must focus on conveying long-term value and addressing specific pain points of potential customers rather than relying on traditional one-time transaction metrics. All of this means success in a SaaS digital marketing strategy relies on highlighting immediate advantages and building a compelling narrative around sustained value.

1. Utilize Content Marketing

SaaS companies are uniquely suited to use content marketing to generate leads and increase conversion rates. To attract and convert new leads into customers, educating the market about your software offering and its distinct benefits is an exciting and necessary opportunity.

One major benefit for companies in the SaaS market is that many people are already searching for solutions to their needs on the internet, making them perfect candidates for adopting your software or platform.

Getting started with your content marketing strategy isn’t difficult. You’re likely already familiar with your buyer personas and what questions they’re asking. And if you’re not? We can help guide you through creating buyer personas you’ll actually use.

Once you have your buyer personas in mind, you’ll need to get started on keyword research and build your content marketing strategy around that. After all, in this day and age, your content means nothing if you don’t optimize for search engines.

What Kind of Content is Best for SaaS Digital Marketing?

Ultimately, to be successful with content marketing, you’ll want to provide content relevant to your buyer personas, answer their questions, and educate them on how to meet their needs. This useful and informative content will help you establish trust while ensuring your business is seen when potential prospects are looking online for answers to problems you can solve. Here are some examples of content that works well in digital marketing for SaaS companies:

  • Blog content that addresses common challenges in your industry and provides valuable insights
  • In-depth resources like whitepapers and eBooks that dive into specific topics related to your SaaS offering
  • Case studies that provide real-world examples of how your SaaS solution has solved problems or improved processes for existing clients
  • Webinars and video tutorials to demonstrate the functionality of your SaaS product
  • Visually appealing infographics that can be shared on social media platforms to increase visibility and easily convey key messages about your SaaS offering
  • Comprehensive guides and documentation to help users understand and make the most of your SaaS product

2. Focus on SEO

It’s crucial to optimize your blog posts for SEO, but you cannot neglect your website. SEO is one of the best tactics in SaaS digital marketing for generating relevant organic leads for your company. If you’ve done the keyword research for your content marketing strategy, you can work towards optimizing your website, images, and metadata with them to improve your ranking.

Additionally, you’ll want to focus on winning high-quality backlinks to your website and referrals from top industry websites. These tactics will help you improve your domain authority, which will go a long way towards improving your ranking.

3. Invest in PPC Ads for Your SaaS Digital Marketing Strategy

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the easiest ways to generate leads—so don’t leave it out of your SaaS digital marketing plan. However, if you target keywords that are too competitive, your costs will increase significantly, and in just a few short ads, you could lose your entire PPC budget. Instead of bidding on high-competition keywords, focus your SEM efforts on the low-hanging fruit for quick wins.

It’s also a good idea not to invest your entire PPC budget in one place, like Google. Instead, consider investing in ad campaigns on relevant social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook in addition to those on search engines. Sponsored posts also provide another unique opportunity: you can easily increase content marketing engagement while simultaneously promoting your website.

4. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing in Digital Marketing for SaaS

If you’re looking for a way to engage customers and improve customer retention rates while generating a positive return on your investment, don’t neglect email marketing! It’s an excellent tool for customers throughout your SaaS sales funnel and can even help turn happy customers into your advocates in the later stages of the sales journey.

Email marketing can play a pivotal role in digital marketing for SaaS companies, offering invaluable opportunities for lead nurturing, especially in the context of typically longer sales cycles. Through targeted and personalized email campaigns, SaaS companies can deliver relevant content to leads at various stages of the customer journey, fostering engagement and trust over time. By providing educational resources, product updates, and case studies, email marketing allows SaaS companies to guide potential customers through the complexities of their offerings, addressing concerns and showcasing the long-term value of their solutions. This ongoing communication helps build relationships, establish credibility, and keeps the brand top-of-mind, ultimately converting leads into loyal customers within the often-extended sales cycle of SaaS products.

Once loyal customers, they may even forward emails to friends and peers interested in your services, making them valuable advocates for your offering.

5. Consider Offering a Free Trial

Offering free trials is an easy way to incentivize qualified leads to move the needle and give your software or platform a try. And when it comes to digital marketing for SaaS companies, offering a free trial can provide great returns with very little (or no!) investment.

A free trial is also an excellent way to demonstrate to potential customers how beneficial your product is and dazzle them with your outstanding customer service and support. And if they’ve found value in your offer, your free trial participants may even decide to convert to actual customers.

If not? There’s still a benefit for your SaaS company. You can survey participants after they’ve completed your free trial and gain valuable insights into what is and isn’t working.

6. Make Signing Up Easy

If you do decide to offer free trials, you need to make the signup process as quick and painless as possible. Because conversions happen on your registration form, it’s critically important to make it easy for people to sign up for their free trial!

This means you need to make the forms on your website and landing pages short and sweet. Keep the amount of information you ask for to the absolute bare minimum, and you will ensure maximum conversions.

7. Take Advantage of Affiliate Marketing

Another way to guarantee a steady stream of new leads is to dip your toe into the pool of affiliate marketing. It’s an ideal tactic for your SaaS digital marketing strategy because you only have to pay affiliates (your existing customers) after you’ve received a trial signup or won a new subscriber.

And if you think about it, it’s a win-win scenario. You continue to provide benefits to your existing happy customers, and in turn, your company receives many new leads you may not have otherwise. You can even incentivize your affiliates further by providing the option of recurring payouts. Who doesn’t want to earn more money?

8. Provide Top-Notch Customer Service to Support Digital Marketing for SaaS

What’s one of the main reasons people switch to a different software or try out a platform? If you guessed poor customer service experiences, you’d be right. Don’t risk losing customers because of bad experiences with your customer service team.

Make contact information for your customer service department easy to find, and don’t automate the entire customer service process. Make sure that customers experiencing issues can talk to a real, live person when needed.

For more straightforward questions and concerns, provide an easily accessible FAQ page on your website. Tutorials for troubleshooting are helpful, too. In fact, the more information you can arm customers and free trial participants with, the better.

Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a great way to elevate the impact and ROI of a SaaS digital marketing strategy, offering targeted benefits that boost effectiveness. By concentrating on high-value accounts, ABM ensures a precise focus, saving resources and optimizing campaigns for enterprise-level deals. Its personalized approach tailors content and messaging to the unique challenges of each target account, fostering a stronger connection and increasing the likelihood of conversion. Additionally, ABM makes it easier for sales and marketing teams to collaborate, eliminating silos and ensuring a unified strategy that shortens SaaS sales cycles.

ABM can also improve customer retention. By identifying and understanding the needs of high-value existing accounts, ABM ensures a tailored approach that fosters satisfaction and loyalty. This dual impact on acquisition and retention underscores the comprehensive value of ABM in driving success in digital marketing for SaaS companies.

On top of all that, the measurable nature of ABM, tracking metrics such as customer acquisition cost and conversion rates, also provides valuable insights for ongoing optimization. As we mentioned earlier, it can be hard to track ROI in SaaS digital marketing, and ABM can help measure results in an effective and valuable way that allows you to adjust accordingly.

Digital Marketing for SaaS Companies Made Easy

SaaS digital marketing may be different from other types of marketing, but if you utilize the right tactics, you can reel in a lot of leads quickly. And if you invest in providing your customers an excellent customer service experience, keeping them on board is easy.

Need help getting started on your SaaS digital marketing strategy? We provide B2B digital marketing services daily and would love to help you accelerate your SaaS digital marketing.

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