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5 Ways to Increase Opt-ins and Build a Quality Email List

By: Sagefrog

According to ExactTarget, email is the top channel for delivering marketing messages and that 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications via email.

So, how do you get new subscribers to opt-in in order to build a quality email list?

  1. Sometimes being flashy works – Did you know that an average pop up and overlay (where the area around the pop up box becomes darkened to provide more contrast and focus to the pop up area), will increase opt-ins up to 400%? While you can argue that people don’t like to have boxes pop out at them while viewing a webpage, you cannot ignore the numbers! Plus, you can always test it out to see what effect it has on your readers – if you find it does not increase opt-ins, you can always switch back or try some of the other tactics listed below.A few things to consider with overlays:
    • Make sure the design is clean, consistent with your brand and website, and is trustworthy. You don’t want people thinking it is an advertisement.
    • Test the headline because it is one of the most important areas that your reader will see. Ask yourself if it will grab their attention, speak to a problem they have and/or identifies the benefit to opting-in.
    • Optimize the timing. When will your overlay pop up? After 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds? Marketers will argue over the optimal time, but the only way you will know for your customers is to test it out and see which works best.
    • Along with the design of the overlay, consider the size. You want it to be big enough to grab the readers’ attention, but small enough so it doesn’t turn out to be a large box with lots of empty space. Also consider what it will look like on mobile and tablet devices as more and more web traffic is mobile/tablet based.
  2. Consider Hot Technology – This is a service that displays an overlay on your site when a user moves their cursor to the top of the page to either go back or close the browser.
  3. Try using a Top Bar – There are two companies – Hello Bar and ViperBar – that you can use to create a customized bar to appear at the top of your website. This is a great way to get your visitors attention without being too obtrusive.
  4. Create landing pages – These are the places where opt-in forms are still most often found and are a major factor in your conversion rate.Every landing page should have 5 key elements:
    • Headline – your headline accounts for 80% of your ads effectiveness
    • Benefits – include a short list of benefits to get the viewer interested in what you offer
    • Call-to-action – make it bold because if you don’t give viewers a good enough reason to opt-in, they won’t
    • Opt-in form – the reason for the landing page
    • Social proof – demonstrate that you are a credible and valuable brand/company. Consider testimonials, videos, reviews, and any social mentions or sites you have been featured on.
  5. Single or Double Opt-ins? – A single opt-in is where someone gives you their email and you have it. A double opt-in is where someone gives you their email and you send them a confirmation email asking them to confirm their desire to opt-in. While the double opt-in may seem redundant, a study from MailChimp found that double opt-in leads to better open rates, click through rates, and decreased bounce rates as the double opt-in safeguards you against fake email addresses.

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