Integrated Marketing Agency

Turn your marketing plan into a data-driven insight engine with an integrated marketing campaign.

Every marketing service, tactic, platform, and creative thinker you need is under our roof. The efficiencies are endless. With branding, digital, public relations, and traditional marketing expertise – your company will benefit from our agency’s ability to collaborate on your marketing programs. We don’t let any opportunities fall through the cracks.

The Integrated Marketing Framework

To successfully implement integrated marketing, there are several strategies, tools, and programs you’ll need. The integrated marketing framework is designed as a top-down and step-wise approach, setting you up with a foundation for success, developing an arsenal of tools, and taking that strong foundation to market with ongoing tactical programs. By consistently applying your brand’s messaging and visual identity throughout each of these efforts, the Sagefrog team enables your company to efficiently and effectively have new messages seen, heard, and remembered by the audiences that matter most.

The Sagefrog Integrated Marketing Program™

The Sagefrog Integrated Marketing Program is our proven process for unlocking your potential and accelerating growth through B2B brand building and the strategic integration and optimization of marketing tactics. It provides a proven cadence for ensuring strategic alignment, accelerated results, and maximum return on investment (ROI).

sagefrog integrated marketing program

Our integrated marketing program is demonstrated in JumpStart™, our seven-step process for accelerating marketing success. This proven program includes planning, consulting, analytics, reporting, and proactive program management. As early adopters of integrated marketing, we’re also the concept creators of Integrated Optimization Marketing. This is the practice of promoting consistent content and continuously improving performance through monitoring, testing, and measuring all marketing channels via closed-loop analytics. Moreover, we believe that static marketing plans are a thing of the past. Our tactical marketing plans prioritize data-driven decisions and integrated optimization to drive qualified leads and close major deals. We’re adaptable; we’re frogs – and at the end of the day, your ROI is what matters to us.

  • Strategy, Planning & Execution
  • Program Management
  • Reporting, Analytics & Optimization
  • JumpStartTM Process
  • All Marketing Channels