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B2B graphic design that inspires action.

Great B2B graphic design isn’t an afterthought for successful marketing campaigns and the smart companies who champion them—it’s a crucial component. When done professionally, great B2B graphics turn everything from the simplest idea to the most complex concept into beautiful work that’s digestible and engaging for the audience it intends to reach. Attention-grabbing and aesthetically pleasing designs that align with the messages B2B companies want to convey only come from talented artists who understand the interplay of language and design and the intricacies of specific B2B markets.

Sagefrog’s graphic designers are the best in the industry because they know what it takes to stand out in a competitive B2B space. With refreshing brand and visual identity systems and expert print and B2B digital design, our creative team can help your company make the most of modern marketing tactics and better connect with consumers. Our award-winning designs and B2B graphics are developed using leading technologies like Adobe Creative Cloud and are intended for multi-channel use to maximize the impact of integrated marketing plans and build a cohesive visual brand. Investing in B2B graphic design services with Sagefrog means investing in the image of your business, team, and partners.

Brand Identity

Sagefrog takes a unique approach to developing brand identity systems, combining the knowledge of experienced brand strategists with the creative minds of graphic designers to develop logos, sub-logos, color palettes, typography sets, graphic elements, iconography, and imagery styles that allow brands to effectively communicate and relate to their audiences. Supplementing a new brand identity with internal visual guidelines and sales presentation templates can help teams transition to their new image with ease. Accurately define and share your brand’s personality, mission, and vision with Sagefrog’s brand identity design services.

Print Design

Traditional marketing and print design go hand in hand, and in B2B, traditional is timeless. Bring on-brand brochures and impressive banners, signage, posters, and business cards to your next tradeshow or industry event. Launch successful print advertising campaigns with well-designed mailers. Seal the deal with sell sheets and catalogs that combine carefully crafted messaging with visuals that make your products and services pop. Sagefrog is your one-stop-shop for professional B2B print design services—all of our print designs are done by experienced and skilled B2B graphic designers.

Digital Design

Get greater ROI for your digital marketing, content marketing, and virtual event marketing efforts with effective B2B digital design. Attract online users with ads that entice. Produce whitepapers, eBooks, case studies, infographics, sell sheets, and more to build successful content marketing campaigns and score leads. Bolster your blog with imagery and photography that encourage readers to click. Share animated videos with bold visuals, dynamic charts, and fluid designs. Capture contact information on landing pages created with HubSpot and inbound best practices in mind. Impress audiences with interactive websites and responsive design techniques that craft creative user experiences. At every touchpoint, Sagefrog’s B2B digital design services help you leave a lasting impact on prospects with a brand image that communicates all that you love about your business.

B2B Branding Case Studies

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