B2B Direct Marketing Campaigns

B2B Direct Marketing Campaigns: Powerful Messages Delivered Straight to the Source.

Marketers fret about being heard amid the manic roar of the web. But when it makes sense, you can sidestep this problem to deliver your message in a mode more powerful than any tweet. B2B direct marketing carries the credibility and power of real-world interactions while still featuring the highly targeted aspects that come with digital tactics.

At Sagefrog, we make B2B direct mail marketing powerful and painless, handling the details from production and mailing to tracking and analysis. B2B direct marketing is also a staple of account-based marketing tactics, with the ability to reach and convert key leads that will elevate your company’s success.

B2B Direct Marketing Strategy

Our direct marketing approach is designed from the top down according to what type of campaign would be most advantageous to your company. Whether you’re launching a new product or upselling customers, B2B direct marketing has the power to make a memorable impact. For years, we’ve been crafting and perfecting single and multi-wave B2B direct marketing campaigns in healthcare, technology, industrial and business services industries. From sourcing attention-grabbing items to be mailed in custom-designed packaging to piquing curiosity with mysterious campaigns, our creative minds will work hard to generate ideas that connect with modern consumers.

Account-Based Marketing

For your most prized leads, we go the extra mile to gain their attention and pique their interest, and specialized B2B direct marketing has taken us there, time and time again. Account-based marketing is a timeless traditional marketing strategy that targets specific, high-value accounts and uses concentrated B2B direct marketing strategies to get their attention. Whether you already have a list in mind or need help identifying accounts with the potential to transform your business, we will develop smart, professional, creative and custom ABM campaigns that your prospects can’t possibly overlook.

Printing & Fulfillment

There’s a lot that goes into executing seamless B2B direct marketing campaigns, and luckily, Sagefrog is experienced in handling the logistics, printing, and fulfillment that make it all happen. Our network of trusted partners has worked with us for years, coming through on tight deadlines and rush jobs, knowing that the timing of B2B direct mail marketing can make the difference between failure and success.