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This Week: Hubspot News from #INBOUND16

By: Andrea Panno

This week, 18,000 people gathered at HubSpot’s premier marketing and sales event, INBOUND 2016. Celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary, this year’s event brimmed with inspiring speakers, entertainers and HubSpot partners, like Sagefrog, eager to learn the latest in inbound marketing.

Here’s what you missed from #INBOUND16:

  1. Growth Stack: Full-Funnel Support Marketing, Sales & CRM
    HubSpot announced industry game-changer, Growth Stack: a simple powerful technology to grow your business. The platform lets companies track their entire marketing and sales funnel from a leads’ very first website visit. This feature closes the old-age gap between sales and marketing teams once and for all, by providing a forum that lets the departments share contacts, customer data, dashboards, reports and pipelines. And, rather than adding yet another independent tool to your company’s processes, Growth Stack integrates with popular apps like Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail.Hubspot Inbound Growth Stack slide
  2. Partner Program: New Agency Support Features
    For HubSpot agency partners like us, the Company launched a series of new features to help us and our B2B clients market, sell, deliver and grow. The new tools include event support which provides a partner event planning kit and public events listing page, free tool communities that supports the HubSpot community and lead generation, partner directory categorized by niche and accolades, access to sales pro and a helpful partner test portal. What’s better than tools that help us, help you?Hubspot Inbound Working Together chart
  3. HubSpot for Free: Marketing, Sales & CRM Platforms
    For small to mid-sized businesses that are looking for reliable and free CRM and marketing tools, HubSpot launched a free version of the marketing platform during INBOUND! The platform starts free and grows with teams over time, helping capture, track and convert leads.Hubspot Marketing free service
  4. Quotable Keynotes: HubSpot Co-Founders, Alec Baldwin, Others
    Here’s a look at the event’s most quotable quotes, spoken from a host of celebrity keynote speakers including HubSpot co-founders, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, Alec Baldwin, Anna Kendrick, Gary Vanderchuck and Serena Williams, among others! In case you missed Halilgan and Dharmesh’ keynote, watch the full speech here.

    1. “If you’re not marketing on social media, you might as well be marketing in a trash can” via Brian Halligan.
    2. “The future of digital? Bots. Bots aren’t going to replace websites. They’re going to power websites” via Dharmesh Sha.
    3. “The Internet is the death of forgetting” via Alec Baldwin.
    4. “If you are not creating content today on the major platforms, you are creating a liability for your future” via Gary Vanderchuck. 
  5. Sagefrog Achieves HubSpot Gold Status
    Just in time for this year’s event, Sagefrog achieved HubSpot Gold Tier status that grants us exclusive access to a host of programs, apps and services to help our B2B, healthcare and technology clients accelerate success through inbound marketing. Companies that have not just introduced inbound marketing to its clients, but have also executed the strategies to the highest standards are awarded this tier level – and so, we’re proud to join this list of HubSpot Agency Partners. Learn more!Sagefrog tweet about Hubspot Gold partnership

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Are you interested in inbound marketing other integrated marketing services? Contact Sagefrog Marketing Group, today. For more INBOUND 2016 highlights, visit Hubspot Academy.