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Video Content Marketing: 9 Statistics on Why it Rocks

By: Sagefrog

It is no surprise that video content marketing is highly appealing. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, with over 1 billion unique visitors each month, and handles a higher number of search queries than Yahoo, Bing or any other Google competitor. According to the experts at Moz, blog posts containing an original or curated video attract 3 times more links than those without. Experts even estimate that links to 700 YouTube videos are published on Twitter every minute. With all of this information, it makes sense that the vast majority of brands – 78% to be exact – plan to increase the frequency and volume of their video content in the future. Below are some of the most recent and remarkable statistics on video content marketing.

  1. 71% of consumers feel positively about brands that publish videos.
  2. 60% of content marketers plan to incorporate video onto their websites.
  3. 85% of consumers are more likely to buy after viewing product videos.
  4. Almost one in five people watch work-related video content daily.
  5. 75% of consumers share video content with their friends and coworkers.
  6. Over 66% of consumers share video content because it’s funny or useful.
  7. Over 11.8% of companies create video content in-house using smartphones or cameras.
  8. 84.6% of brands who create video content choose YouTube for distribution.
  9. 69% of brands promote video content by supporting it with blog posts or video scripts.

Videos are a great way for connected consumers to obtain professional information and make purchase decisions. They also provide a simple way to explain complex or technical concepts that may come across as confusing in plain text. In addition, videos have the potential to be highly engaging, which is why brands are increasingly turning to videos and YouTube as high-ROI tools, with the hopes of reaching a broader audience through the power of social sharing.

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