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The Ultimate Guide for B2B Marketing in 2017

By: Alyssa Dannaker

A new year brings fresh opportunities to assess your business and polish its processes to set a course for a more productive future. This fall we collected data from more than 100 marketing and management professionals in various B2B industries, to gain insight on how they’ve utilized (or under-utilized!) marketing. We’ve compiled this data into the 2017 B2B Marketing Mix Report to provide you with the context needed to start rethinking your business’s relationship with marketing. We’re excited to share the results with you!

Below are two of the most pressing questions B2B businesses have about marketing. Curious about the answers? Take a look at some of the most revealing takeaways from the data we’ve collected to see how your marketing efforts measure up against the rest of the B2B industry.

1. How do other B2B companies manage their marketing?

Much to our dismay, we learned that more than half of B2B businesses lack a formal marketing plan to guide their marketing efforts. Launching your marketing initiatives without a formal plan could lead to disjointed campaigns and incoherent content across your marketing channels. A plan will help you clearly outline your goals and map the content needed to meet them. Later on you’ll also be thankful for how this framework greatly contributes to ongoing data analysis so you can track what works to drive leads and what doesn’t.

About half of B2B businesses also outsource their marketing team. Outsourcing means that these businesses are giving their marketing efforts a sizable boost; agencies, especially ones that have familiarity with your specific field such as healthcare or technology, possess the capacity to give your brand the attention it requires and the competency to help distinguish it from competitors. Operating from a marketing perspective through long-term relationships with the experts will guarantee that your products and services are presented to your audience in the best way possible.

2. How important are digital channels to my marketing plan?

The 2017 B2B Marketing Mix Report revealed that digital marketing beat both email and print as one of the top areas of B2B marketing spend – second only to a cohesive website that serves as your business’s hub. Needless to say, digital should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts because its channels provide the highest ROI and its results, with the proper investments, are consistent. Social media and search engine optimization (SEO) are two of the most popular digital channels and our surveyed B2B professionals agreed: 50% of them considered social media an important part of promotion.

Although it may be challenging for some B2B businesses to reach their target audiences through digital means, there are still key channels where customers can and should be reached. Do your homework on the most popular channels for your audience and invest in social analytics to narrow down your search and better focus your reach. With this information, you can ensure your marketing tactics make the most of the digital advantage.

Does your business have a marketing plan in place, catered to fully developed buyer personas? Is your company using the best marketing tactics for your industry to connect with consumers? Download the full 2017 B2B Marketing Mix Report and use these insights to evaluate whether or not your marketing strategy is on point.

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