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Turn Social Media Likes and Follows into Leads and Customers

By: Andrea Panno

turn social media likes and follows into leads and customers

Establishing your brand’s online presence is imperative, but encouraging people to engage with your brand is also vital. Creating an alluring brand image is the first step for getting noticed, but engaging with your audience through content on social media is essential.

So how do you get people to engage with your brand online? And how do you convert these engagements such as “likes” and “follows” into leads, and ultimately customers?

Use these tips to help transform the likes and follows you receive on social media into leads and customers:

Be Inviting

Your customers need a reason to follow you.  The content you share on social media should be on topics your audience is interested in.  Content that keeps your audience interested is more likely to be shared, which results in higher visibility.  Also, when posting content, make sure to mix it up.  Posting different types of content such as articles, industry news, and photos will keep your audience entertained.

Find your Audience

When planning your social media, make sure you understand the different platforms and know which ones your audience is active on.  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are each unique.  Twitter is great for quick updates and interesting articles.  LinkedIn is primarily used for sharing industry news.  Facebook allows for longer updates so companies can stay connected with their customers.

Create a Call to Action

When you run promotions on social media, make sure to use a Call-to-Action (CTA). A clear CTA is crucial (“Learn More.”, “Click Here”). Once the visitor clicks on the CTA, make sure they are directed to a clear and easy to understand landing page. Entice visitors to learn more or download information when they register, enabling you to capture qualified leads and nurture them into customers.

Social media is a powerful tool to connect with your current customers and attract new ones. Follow these tips to help create a successful social media strategy.

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