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The Top 4 HubSpot Integrations for B2B Companies [Examples]

By: Andrea Panno

HubSpot’s Connect Partner Program allows software providers who share both HubSpot’s inbound philosophy and customer base to build integrations with HubSpot. Since one of the primary reasons your company will use HubSpot is to centralize marketing activities, it’s important that HubSpot keep its marketing hub stocked with extensive and state-of-the-art tools.

As you look for a HubSpot agency, you’ll want to see what additional apps and web services they use within and outside of HubSpot. Using a variety of tools demonstrates the kind of marketing mastery you’re looking for. Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure the tools your HubSpot agency uses are ones that really make a difference in the B2B space.

Here are the top four HubSpot martech integrations that we find most useful for B2B companies.

1. Best HubSpot Chatbot Integration: Drift

Chatbots are growing in popularity with the rise of conversational marketing. Artificially intelligent chatbots from Drift can capture and qualify leads around the clock, which is important because lead response time is one of the most crucial factors in making a sale. Drift’s LeadBot™ chats with prospects, asks qualifying questions and then creates leads in HubSpot based upon those chat outcomes. Drift’s bots can also connect to your sales team’s calendar, allowing leads to book meetings with members of your sales team instantly and conveniently.

2. Best HubSpot Reporting Integration: Databox

In the same way that centralizing marketing activities streamline your marketing operation, bringing performance data into one central hub makes sure that no data is missing from your agency’s reports about your marketing activity. Databox is a web service that pulls all of a company’s performance data into one place. This way, the agency you work with can easily create reports and gain useful insights for you. You should look for a HubSpot agency that uses Databox, so you can maintain a pulse on how the sites, materials and content they create are performing.

3. Best HubSpot Email Integration: Sigstr

Email signatures may seem small or insignificant, but they’re actually one of your most frequently seen marketing assets. Your company is continually sending and receiving emails, so an email signature software that allows you to use your signatures and banners to market your company and your company’s products and services in a memorable and aesthetically-pleasing way can be incredibly effective. The custom email signatures your agency can help you create with Sigstr are a great way to promote new content offers or preview something new going on at your company.

4. Best HubSpot CMS Integration: WordPress

The WordPress + HubSpot integration is a useful tool for B2B companies because it provides more tools for generating leads. Forms created on a WordPress website integrate straight into HubSpot, regardless of the WordPress extension used to create them. This way, there’s a free flow of information between your website and your CRM. Your agency can manage the leads that come in through your website more easily because HubSpot will populate the leads that come in from your WordPress site with public information from around the web.

The Importance of Tech Partners

You can tell a marketing platform is helpful and effective when it has integrations with many tech tools, particularly those that are important in the B2B space. HubSpot’s integrations are a major factor in what has made the platform so powerful: with HubSpot, all the resources to generate and qualify more leads can be used and monitored from one, convenient location.

Tech partners are also a primary motivator for B2B companies to choose to partner with a HubSpot agency. While HubSpot’s integrations make it easier to use all the tools you need for a successful marketing operation, working with a dedicated third-party agency that knows how to use the tool effectively, maximizes their ROI. Because every tech tool has the potential to be a source of qualified leads and contacts, the more tools an agency can expertly use, the better.

A HubSpot agency that’s worth your company’s investment should demonstrate expertise in using not only HubSpot itself, but also in using all the tech tools you need to make your marketing effective, including those that may not integrate with HubSpot.

To get started with a HubSpot agency, and to help you find one with the versatility and acumen to use the tools that make a difference, download: Your Guide to Finding the Right HubSpot Agency Partner.

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