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Three Reasons Your Content is Failing to Engage Your Customers

By: Sagefrog

You are finally jumping on the content marketing trend. You have written a whitepaper or an eBook and have blasted it out through all of your social media channels. Now you can sit back and watch as the leads pour in. This is the goal that all marketers strive towards but often fall short. What can you do when no one is sharing your content on social media or responding to your outreach efforts? Start by reevaluating your content. Here are three reasons your content is failing to connect with your customers:

  1. Your sole focus is on sales. Adopting an inbound marketing strategy can be difficult when you are accustomed to the hard sell. However, it is a necessary step to attracting new customers because the last thing you want them to feel is that they have been “tricked” into converting by downloading your content that is nothing more than a sales pitch. Focus on creating content that is useful and relevant to them and in return they will view you as a credible and even top source of information.
  2. You’re missing the mark. Are you unsure of whom your content is for? Do some research and find out who your target audience is. What common questions do they need answering? What are the biggest problems they face? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you to generate content that your customers are actually interested in.
  3. You’re leaving your customers hanging. Make sure you have a clear Call-To-Action in your copy to direct your readers on what to do next. Maybe it leads them to a page of your website that provides more information and helps to build their trust in you. Remember that you want to create a path that feels natural to them so avoid the CTA that pushes your audience to “buy now.”

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