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The Future of Online Marketing – Is Your Company Prepared?

By: Andrea Panno

The rise of the internet, email, social media and the smartphone has compelled traditional forms of marketing to accommodate the needs of new audiences and their expectations. The online market has continued to grow drastically, and it’s not predicted to stop anytime soon. Here are some tips to prepare you for what has yet to come.

Be present.

If you’re not online, potential customers can’t find you. People will search for your company on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and they will compare you to your competitors. People often research a company online prior to contacting them about their products or services. This means you can ask “How can we help?” rather than “Are you interested?”

Make use of LinkedIn.

Don’t just use online marketing to generate leads. LinkedIn is a great way to establish your credibility as a professional and find other professionals within your field. You can use LinkedIn to post job listings and view an applicant’s profile immediately. Additionally, creating a LinkedIn company page is an easy way for other professionals to find your business.

Be straightforward and consistent.

Make sure you are straightforward with your messaging both online and in-person. Business first: your online presence should remain focused on your company mission, values, and services – and reflect them at all times. One minor slip-up online linked to your company name could lead to a shattered reputation.

Get your employees online.

Sure, people want to hear what your company has to say – but they’re more willing to trust your employees. An “average joe” staff member establishes more credibility among the public than your CEO does. If people feel more connected to your team both online and in-person, they’re more likely to stick with you long-term.

Share your success.

Don’t just tell people how great your company is – show them! Include client work and testimonials online to showcase your talent. If you make a claim, support it with evidence – customers don’t like empty or false promises.

Be savvy.

In the world of online marketing, make sure you’re aware of up-and-coming online terminology and technology to stay on top of your game. Online marketing is perpetually advancing, and if you’re able to advance alongside it, you hold the upper hand.


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