The 7 P’s of Marketing (and Social Media!)

The 7 P’s of marketing (also known as the fundamentals of marketing) existed long before the arrival of social media, however in today’s market they are even more important, as social media has become the new norm for marketing online. See below for how the 7 P’s fit in with today’s ever-changing marketing environment.

  1. Product it’s easier than ever to receive feedback on your product/service through questionnaires, surveys, and polls
  2. Place— online marketplaces (like Business Facebook, and Google+ Pages) make it easier than ever to sell your products without a brick and mortar
  3. Price— demographics allow your company’s ads to target higher earning individuals at a premium price, and lower-earning individuals at a lower price
  4. Promotion— promote your business on all social media outlets and remember to narrow your market to as small a segment as possible
  5. People— people are the most important element to any successful business.  Use social media to reach your customers and stakeholders, as well as potential employees
  6. Processes— respond quickly and professionally to any comments, complaints, or praise and be sure to share the feedback
  7. Physical Environment— mobile advertising is the new physical environment. Be sure to make sure your ads and websites are mobile-friendly and reaching the right audience

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