The 4 M’s of Influencer Marketing

Marketing was built on the foundation of “the 4 P’s”—Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. In today’s digital marketing age, the 4 P’s have morphed into the 4 M’s.   When used correctly, the 4 M’s can expand your reach and influence your customers into buying your products or services. Read on for a breakdown of the 4 M’s of influence marketing:

  • Make—connect your influencers, or brand advocates, with potential consumers to move them towards a purchase decision.
  • Manage—once you find your influencers, use analytical tools to find which stage was most crucial for the consumer in the purchase process.
  • Monitor—monitor the relationship and conversations between your influencers and your prospective clients to gain valuable feedback
  • Measure—measure your results to improve future marketing initiatives

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