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Sagefrog Signs Goldman Sachs Open Letter to Congress Supporting Small Businesses

By: Andrea Panno

Sagefrog is part of the small business community. We’re a small business headquartered in the borough of Doylestown, Pennsylvania where many small businesses are struggling from the impact of COVID-19. Some of our clients are small businesses too, and we would do anything to support them.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program recently asked alumni to support an Open Letter to US Congress urging leaders to pass relief for small businesses, who are still facing unprecedented challenges from the pandemic.

Sagefrog’s CEO and Co-founder, Mark Schmukler, graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses scholarship program (10KSB Cohort 12) in 2017, and was quick to join over 1,200 alums who signed the letter. The onus for the Open Letter follows Congress’s departure from Washington for the August recess without reaching an agreement on the next round of relief legislation, which has “forced many small businesses to make very difficult financial decisions,” according to Jane Moffat, Deputy National Director, 10,000 Small Businesses Voices.

The Open Letter states:

Dear Congress,

We are America’s small businesses. We are the foundation of our local communities. We are builders, manufacturers, restaurant owners and more. We run the coffee shops, the cleaners, the corner stores. We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. We never stop working and we need the same from you.

Our message is clear: return to Washington and pass relief for America’s small businesses.

Our future depends on you. The first round of federal support helped us stay afloat and kept our teams employed. Now, only 16% of us are confident we will be able to maintain payroll without more help. Not one of us asked to be in this position. We take great pride in the important role we play in America’s economy. All we want is to keep doing our jobs.

Please show that our government works for us.


10,000 Small Businesses Voices Community Members

We’re proud to support this initiative along with other efforts to sustain small businesses. In May, our agency spearheaded a program to support local merchants in the Doylestown borough by providing cash advances with an initiative coined, Dollars for Doylestown.

For information about how you can support small businesses, contact us.

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