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Sagefrog Recommends: 5 B2B Healthcare Blogs That Get It Right

By: Featured Author

Tired of sifting through thousands of sites to find credible B2B healthcare news? Or, are you having trouble finding an out-of-the-box blog that offers new perspectives on budding trends? You’re in luck. As seasoned yet modern marketers, two of our favorite things are B2B healthcare and blogging. With so much content on the Internet, it can be difficult to find actual ‘news to use’ from reliable sources. So we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the best B2B healthcare blogs available to HCPs and executives today based on authority, credibility, relevance and breadth of topics and news.

Here’s our top five list of what we believe are the best B2B healthcare blogs available today:

Health Affairs Blog
An all-encompassing site for anything related to the healthcare industry, Health Affairs Blog writes on a wide variety of topics. Its renowned experts cover everything from health equality to Medicaid and CHIP. Its content is targeted at all types of executives and HCPs including physicians, industry leaders, scholars, advocates and more. Not only are the articles newsworthy, but they cover domestic and international healthcare events. If you’re seeking healthcare and pharmaceutical conferences in the Philadelphia region for 2017, check out our list of the top five events to attend.

Kaiser Health News
Kaiser Health News also covers an impressive breadth of healthcare topics and trends. Different from Health Affairs Blog, this site provides deeper insight into the pharmaceutical industry, health laws and insurance. What we like most about this outlet is its candid nature to dive deeper into particular topics. The articles provide thought-provoking content that raise pressing questions on emerging topics and policy changes. Moreover, as B2B marketers always on the go, we also enjoy its daily summaries, recapping everything relevant happening across the pharmaceutical landscape.

Athena Health’s CloudView Blog
Athena Health is a national company that provides cloud-based services to healthcare companies with a focus on population health management (PHM). Along with being a leading provider in the industry, it also offers a stellar blog covering a wide variety of topics. The CloudView blog shares insights and analysis for physicians, medical groups and health systems on topics ranging from electronic medical records (EMRs) and health IT to medical practice management.

FiercePharma specifically analyzes the pharmaceutical industry. It expands on topics related to FDA decisions, patents, drugs and pharma marketing. Staying up to date on the latest news, analysis and trends, FiercePharma’s recent articles include Top 10 U.S. Patents Losses of 2017 and Bayer’s Sturdy Pharma Growth Highlight Monsanto Risks. If you’re a clinical research organization (CRO), sponsor or just interested in content directly related to the pharmaceutical industry, this blog is a great choice. It also offers a daily e-newsletter so you easily stay informed right from your inbox.

Healthcare Communication News
This blog takes a different spin on the healthcare industry. Similar to the others, it provides information on the healthcare industry – but beyond that, it mixes in marketing and communications tips and trends. It combines meaningful insight on subsets of the healthcare industry such as pharma, HIPAA and physician news with public relations and marketing tips as well as effective ways to communicate with employees and patients.

It’s no secret that now more than ever, content has become a top marketing and SEO tactic. Beyond that however and amid social media’s takeover, blogs still serve as a predominant news source – especially in the many sectors of healthcare. Knowingly however, the Internet is riddled with discredited sites, thereby making it important to find reliable blogs you can trust. Moreover, if you’re considering adding a blog to your own B2B healthcare website, these recommendations can serve as an excellent guide of what to emulate when it comes to content creation, functionality and its overall look and feel.

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