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Sagefrog Launches Hybrid Work Model – the Best of Both Worlds

By: Andrea Panno

Sagefrog Marketing Group (Sagefrog) has launched a hybrid working model, giving employees an opportunity to access the best of both worlds: local, in-person structure and support with daily flexibility and autonomy. The new model comes after careful research and planning into the future of workplace trends and best practices, coupled with proven high performance and employee satisfaction while working fully remote during the pandemic.

Sagefrog, the top-ranked B2B marketing agency with specialties in healthcare, technology, industrial, and business services, is a three-time winner of Philadelphia’s Best Places to Work award—in large part for its commitment to adapting to workplace trends to maintain high levels of employee engagement.

The hybrid working model gives Sagefrog’s 35+ full-time team members the opportunity to work remotely from home or from the agency’s Doylestown-borough based office, with in-person client and team meetings as needed and planned team-building events each month. This model puts the power of choice in the employees’ hands, letting them choose the best work environment for their needs. The model also supports Sagefrog’s unique “all departments and capabilities under one roof” approach to integrated marketing, keeping teams and functions tightly connected and quite literally, integrated.

“Sagefrog makes decisions using our mission ‘to accelerate client success’ as our guide, and the opportunity to pivot from a traditional, in-person environment to a hybrid model was no exception,” said Mark Schmukler, CEO & Co-founder of Sagefrog. “Our hybrid model combines the proven efficiency of remote work with in-person support, offering the best of both worlds to clients and employees. It will also allow us to expand our radius for top talent and right-fit clients as we continue to scale and grow.”

McKinsey & Company released a 2021 Employee Survey study, showing that most employees will prefer a flexible, hybrid working model in the [post pandemic] future. Sagefrog conducted its own all-employee preference survey that not only substantiated McKinsey’s data but made employees a partner in designing the future of the agency—a measure that the McKinsey & Company study also encourages.

“We’re coming up on twenty years of steady growth as an agency, and we attribute so much of that success to our people and the high-trust environment we’ve built,” said Suzanne Morris, Creative Director & Co-founder of Sagefrog. “We believe in giving our employees the freedom to create their own days, but will always provide a structure for support and opportunities to strengthen our bond.”

With continued uncertainty and changes happening in the world, the hybrid working model will evolve as needed to support the health and safety of all employees and clients. Meanwhile, it will provide structure while also supporting employees’ own comfort levels, working styles, and personal needs.

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