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Harvesting Impact: Sagefrog Gives Back to Carversville Farm Foundation

By: Jack Clark

A Philanthropic Mission Takes Root

The story of Carversville Farm Foundation (CFF) is a tale of inspiration and action. This local organization and its mission are close to Sagefrog’s heart, as our team has volunteered on the farm this year to give back to our community—and we hope that uplifting CFF and sharing its story will encourage other individuals or organizations to do the same!

Founded by Tony and Amy D’Orazio, lifelong Philadelphians, CFF emerged from a heartfelt desire to address a pressing issue in their community—access to fresh, nutritious food for those in poverty. Witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by their fellow residents, Tony and Amy decided to act.

Their journey began with a simple yet profound realization: the best-quality food they enjoyed with their own family was out of reach for many in their community. Soup kitchens, food pantries, and shelters struggled to provide wholesome, fresh ingredients, often relying on unpredictable donations of canned and processed foods. This gap in access to nutritious meals led Tony and Amy to embark on a mission that would eventually give birth to the Carversville Farm Foundation.

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Growing a Farm, Growing a Mission

In 2013, Tony and Amy purchased land in Bucks County, PA, and laid the foundation for CFF. Their vision was to create a working farm of the highest ecological and quality standards, solely dedicated to growing chef-quality food for donation to communities in need. Their journey was not without challenges, including early mistakes and community skepticism. However, they remained resolute in their commitment to make a positive impact.

Over the years, CFF has evolved and learned from those initial missteps. They’ve built vital infrastructure, implemented regenerative farming practices, and achieved organic certification. The key to their success has been their dedication to not just growing food but growing the right food. They’ve forged close partnerships with soup kitchens, actively seeking their input on what ingredients are needed most and allowing demand to determine the supply they grow each year.

Meeting Real Needs with Real Food

Listening to their clients, the soup kitchen chefs, has been pivotal in shaping CFF’s approach. Rather than guessing, they’ve adopted a client-focused, client-led strategy. They plant crops based on specific requests and maintain a weekly order system, ensuring that the most needed ingredients are grown, harvested, and delivered directly to the doorsteps of those who serve their communities. Last year alone, CFF donated an astonishing one million servings of vegetables, eggs, and meat.

More Than Just Food

CFF’s impact extends beyond providing fresh produce. They custom-grow tens of thousands of organic seedlings for fellow mission-driven urban farms, facilitate culinary job training programs on the farm, and support jobs-training initiatives that empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty. CFF cultivates the land and welcomes community volunteers with the same drive to give back. They can work on the farm by contributing individually or as a group. These volunteers can contribute to the CFF’s mission by harvesting, packaging, or taking other contributive actions on the farm.


The Impact We Share

Sagefrog is proud to have partnered with Carversville Farm Foundation this year. Our team has had the privilege of volunteering on the farm, getting our hands dirty, and contributing to the incredible and impactful work at CFF. It’s a hands-on experience that has allowed us to witness the transformative power of their mission firsthand. Most recently, we spent an afternoon on the farm on our knees in the dirt, digging up potatoes with our hands—a memory we’ll never forget at Sagefrog!

Get Involved and Make a Difference

We invite you to join us in supporting the Carversville Farm Foundation. Visit its website to learn more about its mission and the incredible work it does. Consider volunteering your time or donating to help CFF continue nourishing communities in need—we can speak from firsthand experience that you won’t regret it!

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who deserve access to the same high-quality, nutritious meals that many of us take for granted.

Please support Carversville Farm Foundation’s mission to deliver hope and health to Philadelphia communities in need.

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