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Responsive Email Design: Why You Need It

By: Andrea Panno

The design of your emails is equally as important as the content in your email itself – but we’re not just talking about pictures and graphics. With people accessing emails across multiple platforms and devices, particularly mobile devices, the layout and responsiveness of your email plays a vital role.

Various studies show that people who check their emails multiple times a day on their mobile devices and more likely to delete their emails if they do not display properly.* With the ease of accessing emails on tablets and mobile devises, potential customers can delete messages just as easily as they can view them. Without the proper design responsiveness, potential customers won’t be reading with your email.

So what can a responsive email design do for you?

  1. More interaction. Keeping your message short, sweet, and easy to read will get your message across in seconds. This will lead to more people potentially clicking or interacting. Lengthy, poorly designed emails require too much time to look at, and as a result, are often deleted.
  2. Better reputation. People like when things work. Creating an email that is consistent across all possible platforms and devices shows responsibility, which establishes your brand as trustworthy.
  3. Embracing micro-moments. When do you check your email? A lot of people check their mobile email whenever they WANT to (when they have a spare second or two), rather than checking it when they HAVE to on a computer (work, school, etc.). Drawing customers in during these moments that may only last a few seconds is extremely effective because it makes your brand prominent during a time that you couldn’t plan for it to be.


* According to the US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q4 2013 from Movable Ink

* Via “The ultimate mobile email statistics overview” on Emailmonday


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