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Quick Tips to Build Brand Trust as a *New* Business

By: Corinne Sinesi

Building brand trust is a challenge for established B2B companies, and it’s even trickier for newcomers. Many markets are already saturated, competition is intense, and 2020 made trust even more difficult to achieve. As a new B2B brand, it’s important to keep your reputation in mind from the get-go, considering it a significant factor in initial brand launch plans. Trust doesn’t come overnight for any brand; it takes consistency and quality in your messaging, offering, delivery, and follow up. In looking at the top trusted brands of 2021—including Apple, Amazon, Adobe, and LinkedIn—we broke down how they earned customer trust and loyalty and want to share quick tips that you can start putting into practice today.

Discover how to build brand trust as a *new* brand.

1. Trust Is Rooted in Transparency

To get prospects and customers to trust you (and eventually buy from you), you must remain transparent in sharing company values and offers and then deliver what’s expected in every single interaction and transaction.

Mission & Vision

In marketing, a mission statement connotes your brand’s purpose, and the vision statement establishes the direction your brand wants to go in. Together, these items are your foundation. Determine why you exist and where you’re going, spread the word through all internal operations, and live determinedly by your mission and vision.

Products & Services

How do you feel when you get something in the mail that isn’t how it’s described online? Well, people feel the same in business interactions, too. The products and services you offer have the potential to bring other companies great success, so be accurate when describing capabilities. The right people will find you, see alignment between your promise and your offering, and increase customer loyalty.

2. Customers Remember Great Experiences

If you’re launching a new B2B brand, you’re probably laser-focused on selling your product or service; however, your audience cares about more than just the final product. Humans want a well-rounded experience. To deliver a customer experience worth remembering, repeating, and sharing, new brands must focus on establishing human connections, so be accessible, friendly, personable, helpful, and appreciative. Investing time and resources into making one client extra satisfied will result in repeat purchases and a foundation for referrals. Check out how the most trusted brands of 2021 established human connection during a year of virtual-only interactions in this new report!

3. Know & Listen to Your Audience

From your very first customer, you’ll begin to form a deeper understanding of who comprises your audience and why. The initial companies that find value in your products and services can, in turn, help evolve your messaging and attract other similar customers. Your audience is constantly evolving, so you must keep tabs on what’s most important to them at any given time and change business directions depending on where they gravitate.

While knowing your audience is effective in generating their interest, securing trust comes from listening to what they have to say. You must make yourself available to talk to your first customers via phone call, chatbot, or anything in between. Become a resource for them in the industry and help them get the most out of your product or service. In today’s B2B world, helping is the new selling. Customers often have questions, and you have the answers that can build credibility and trust.

4. Consistency Reflects Professionalism

Your brand’s message and tone reflect who you are and what you do, forming a reputation and image for your new brand in competitive, saturated markets. From the launch of your new brand, you must dedicate your team to delivering brand messaging, design and imagery, and customer communications consistently and dependably for optimal trust.

Start Fostering Trust for Your New Brand Today

You can implement these tips and tricks to start gaining brand trust today; however, as a new B2B brand founder, we understand there’s a lot on your agenda. If you want to accelerate brand trust and increase customer loyalty while focusing on critical business objectives, Sagefrog can help. Get in touch to talk about strategies for new brands, and learn more about establishing trust by forming human connections in the 2021 B2B Trusted Brands Report.

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