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Pinterest’s “Place Pins” are a Marketer’s Dream

By: Sagefrog

On Wednesday, Pinterest unveiled its latest update, “place pins,” which makes it easier for users to plan trips and locate content using their new mapping product. Users can now opt to create a “map board,” which pins content to a specific geographic place. The hope is that mobile users will use the app to access information on businesses closest to them, or in a place they are planning to travel to.

Each “place pin” is linked to FourSquare’s location API and Mapbox, enabling individuals to keep track of places while they are on the move. Users are even able to get directions through the app making it simple and easy to get from one place to their desired destination.

There are currently 53 million users on Pinterest and 75% of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices. The CEO of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann says that 1.5 million pins are posted each day and out of those approximately 750 million of those pins are related to things like vacations, local guides or businesses to check out. With statistics like that, this is clearly a brilliant move for the social media platform because they are essentially making it easier for:

  • Businesses to effectively market themselves to the community around them
  • For individuals to discover new places based on where they are located

It is also important to note that users can share pin-filled maps with others, which is great for referral marketing!

The smart business will leverage this tool to form a connection with potential customers and engage those customers by making themselves fun and easy, to discover.

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